The Last Hard Men - Complete Score - Leonard Rosenman / Jerry Gioldsmith

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A mystery is solved! Intrada premieres two scores for same 20th Century Fox film, yet neither is in finished picture! Jerry Goldsmith fans know when composer is unavailable to score movie, final soundtrack from Andrew V. McLaglen western becomes compilation of selected tracks from earlier Fox/Goldsmith pictures including 100 RIFLES, RIO CONCHOS, MORITURI, STAGECOACH. But few fans know Lionel Newman actually re-recorded same selections at Fox with intention of using all-new recordings timed specifically for picture. Ironically, due to time pressure, famed music editor Len Engel and young Ken Hall instead end up cutting music for picture with actual original recordings, planned initially just as temporary placeholders while Newman newly-records same sequences. Even fewer fans know Leonard Rosenman actually writes complete score for film, long before Goldsmith music becomes involved! Tale of sadism and revenge with Charlton Heston, James Coburn is deemed harsh, unpleasant by Rosenman. With little sympathy for either character, composer focuses on tough landscapes, brutality inherent in story. Resulting music is harsh, brittle, full of tension, violence. Atonality abounds. Classic Rosenman! Only exciting finale ("End Titles") provides respite. Studio found score TOO reflective of grim movie, brought more accessible Goldsmith library tracks into play. Unusual Intrada CD offers both rejected scores: unused Rosenman score in stereo AND unused Goldsmith cues newly conducted by Lionel Newman in mono! Nick Redman, Mike Matessino produce, Matessino also offers insight into film production and troubled music history behind it. Leonard Rosenman conducts his score, Lionel Newman conducts Goldsmith score.
Track Listing
The Unused Score by Leonard Rosenman
01. The Spike 2:36
02. Men In The Water 2:38
03. Provo/Every Deputy 1:06
04. Dismount/Back To Work 2:38
05. Leroy Gets Stabbed 0:48
06. A Trap For Somebody 2:51
07. Oh Jeez/I'd Be Obliged 1:26
08. Posse Riding Through Barn 1:35
09. Y'Ah 3:13
10. Show Cause 1:20
11. Going After Susan/Sam's Last Line 1:56
12. Sam And Hal Riding/The Trap 2:46
13. Horses 1:38
14. She's Theirs 2:57
15. Before Fire 1:56
16. Menendez 1:51
17. End Titles 4:03
18. Barroom Piano 1:37
Re-Recordings of Jerry Goldsmith Scores
100 Rifles (1969)
19. 100 Rifles Theme (Main Title) 1:31
20. Verdugo's Revenge 1:30
21. The Ruins 1:32
22. A Cliff Hanger 1:26
23. Breakout Part 1 1:22
24. Breakout Part 2 1:13
25. March To The Wall 2:13
26. The Victors 1:43
Rio Conchos (1964)
27. Big Deal 1:40
28. The Intruder 2:06
29. Chief Bloodshirt 1:50
Morituri (1965)
30. Break Out 1:09
31. Abandoned Ship 3:27
Stagecoach (1966)
32. All Is Forgiven 3:04
100 Rifles (1969)
33. End Title 0:34
34. Theme (Reprise) 1:26