The Illustrated Man - Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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FSM returns to the treasures of the Warner Bros. archives (The Omega Man, The Towering Inferno) with a masterpiece by Jerry Goldsmith: The Illustrated Man. The film stars Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom in an adaptation of several short stories by Ray Bradbury, affording Goldsmith the crowning achievement of his work in the anthology format (CBS Radio Workshop, The Twilight Zone), as well as one of his most memorable and original works in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genresThe orchestral portions of The Illustrated Man were previously pirated in mono on a German CDÑa horrendous production even by bootleg standards. FSM's premiere release features the complete score in stereo and in correct sequence, including the electronic cues and, most importantly, the female vocalise for the main and end titles. The comprehensive liner notes by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall cover the film's history, Goldsmith's involvement and the intricate musical details. The Illustrated Man is an absolute gem.
Track Listing
01. Main Title (03:28)
02. The House (02:50)
03. The Illustrations (02:25)
04. Felicia (01:40)
05. The Rose (01:55)
06. The Lion (00:51)
07. 21st Century House (01:56)
08. Angry Child (01:49)
09. Quiet Evening (02:50)
10. Skin Illustrations (01:22)
11. The Rocket (01:19)
12. The Rain (01:34)
13. The Sun Dome (01:24)
14. Almost a Wife (06:05)
15. The Morning After (02:00)
16. The House is Gone (03:46)
17. Frightened Willie (04:29)