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The Howling - Expanded Score - (Silver/Red Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Pino Donaggio

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Waxwork Records is proud to present the Original Motion Picture Score to THE HOWLING. Composed by Pino Donaggio (Carrie, Don√ït Look Now, Tourist Trap), Waxwork√ïs new, deluxe vinyl release of THE HOWLING has been expanded, re-mastered for vinyl, pressed to 180 gram colored vinyl, and features full package artwork by Francesco Francavilla. 
Directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Burbs), THE HOWLING follows a newswoman sent to a remote mountain resort after a string of fatal incidents with a serial killer, unaware that the resort inhabitants are werewolves. THE HOWLING is regarded as one of the greatest werewolf films of all time, and since it√ïs 1981 release, has accumulated a cult following. The success of THE HOWLING aided in propelling director Joe Dante√ïs career, and prompted Warner Bros. to hire him to direct GREMLINS. 
The score by Pino Donaggio blends classic-horror orchestral cues as well as minimal synth and sound effects. The new Waxwork Records release of THE HOWLING is expanded with 12 bonus tracks previously unavailable of the original 1981 soundtrack LP.

* The Complete Score By Pino Donaggio
* Expanded and Re-Mastered For Vinyl
* 180 Gram ÒSilver BulletÓ Vinyl (Blood Red Vinyl with Silver Center)
* Deluxe Packaging with Old Style Tip-On Gatefold Jackets
* Artwork By Francesco Francavilla

Track Listing
Side A
A1. Opening Title / Phone Call / Dark Streets
A2. Sleaze / KarenÕs Nightmare
A3. EddieÕs Room
A4. DoctorÕs Orders
A5. The Howling
A6. Spectre / Escape From The Morgue
A7. Something Nasty In The Woods
A8. Hunting For Shadows
A9. Wolf Bites Man!
A10. Terry And Karen
A11. Animal Magnetism
A12. Wolf At The Door
A13. Run For Your Life
A14. The Big Bad Wolf
A15. Wolfing Down Terry
A16. Eddie Lives Again

Side B
B17. Transformation
B18. Welcome To The Colony
B19. Fur From The Maddening Crowd
B20. Shape Shifters
B21. To Make You Believe
B22. End Title
B23. Flashback To Eddie
B24. ÒIÕm Going To Light Your Whole Body Up!Ó
B25. Karen Screams / Eddie Shot
B26. Remembering Eddie
B27. The Cabin
B28. Karen Transforms
B29. Channel 6 Update News Theme
B30. Synth #1
B31. Synth #2
B32. Synth #3
B33. Synth #4
B34. Synth #5