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The Hand - Complete Score - Special Edition - James Horner

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James Horners' 1981 early horror entry with Oliver Stone's The Hand. This forgotten gem is one of Horner's most striking work, clearly resembling his later works with Wolfen, Humanoids From The Deep & Star Trek 2. This score captures all the essence that James Horner was so remembered for and a rare opportunity to hear the maestro's early start in his so illustrious career.
Track Listing
01. Main Title (03:45)
02. Confrontation (01:17)
03. Under the Blanket (03:41)
04. Premonition (00:38)
05. Nightmare (01:12)
06. Stellas Fate (00:29)
07. The Call (03:04)
08. End Credit (02:58)
09. Suite from the Hand (14:02)