The Gauntlet - Original Score - Jerry Fielding

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Jerry Fielding has collaborated with Clint Eastwood on four films and has worked with some other great directors in his career (Peckinpah, Preminger, Irwin Allen, Michael Ritchie) as well as on numerous television series. This is another example of a release many people missed out on from the Warner France reissue released in early 2000s.
Release Notes:
¥ The masters sound really good. As with the Exorcist II album, Warner Music remastered this for us.
¥ Liner notes by Fielding authority Nick Redman.
¥ This is a straight reissue using the track listing from the original LP and the Warner France CD. ItÕs a great representation of the score from the film.
Track Listing
1. Bleak Bad Big City Dawn 3:28
2. The Pickup 2:39
3. Exit Tunnel, Roaring! 3:09
4. The Gauntlet 4:41
5. The Box Car Incident 3:38
6. Closer Look At A Closer Walk 3:18
7. The Black Sedan 2:32
8. Manipulation On The Center Divider 2:47
9. The Delivery 2:53
10. Postlude 2:02