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The Fourth Protocol - Original Score - Limited 1000 Copies - Lalo Schifrin

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Originally released in 1987 on vinyl by DRG and on compact disc the same year by EnglandÕs Filmtracks label, THE FOURTH PROTOCOL was one of the first soundtracks to be released on compact disc, and one of the most elusive. The original CD release had some sonic issues and fans of the composer have been waiting a long time for that to be addressed. Buysoundtrax is excited to present a new compact disc release of THE FOURTH PROTOCOL, with liner notes written by author Randall Larson and new mastering from Digital Outland, making it possible to completely enjoy all the details of Lalo SchifrinÕs music for the film.
Track Listing
1. Fourth Protocol (3:38)
2. Govorshin, Karpov, Borisov (2:27)
3. Petrofsky, Preston (2:50)
4. Berenson (0:49)
5. Mr. Ross, Telecommunications,
The Cast, The Freezer (2:44)
6. The Disc, Gregoriev,
Glasgow Docks (1:29)
7. Uranium I, Uranium II,
How About A Drink?, Heathrow (2:22)
8. Windows (2:40)
9. Vassilievna (2:08)
10. Detonator (4:50)
11. Zero Time (0:48)
12. Before I Go, Kill Her,
I Feel Lucky, Got Him,
Shredder (3:44)
13. Traffic Jam (1:40)
14. The Attic (2:12)
15. Explosions,
The Congregation (2:36)
16. Going Home, End Titles (3:46)
Total Time: 41:21