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The Formula - Complete Score - Bill Conti

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Marlon Brando and George C. Scott starred in John G. Avildsen's 1980-thriller The Formula.
A detective uncovers a formula that was devised by the Nazis in WW II to make gasoline from synthetic products, thereby eliminating the necessity for oil--and oil companies. A major oil company finds out about it and tries to destroy the formula and anyone who knows about it.
Bill Conti's score, though sparse, is powerful, symphonic and comes to CD for the first time with this special release that has been discounted to reflect its shorter than usual running time. ( SOLD OUT )
Track Listing
1. Main Title (02:36) 
2. Bye Bye Kay (03:04) 
3. Obermann (01:30) 
4. The End of Obermann (01:30) 
5. Lisa and Barney (02:44) 
6. My Sentiments (01:44) 
7. Please Stay (03:27) 
8. That's True (02:48) 
9. The Chocolate Shop (02:12) 
10. Neeley's Shirt (01:29) 
11. End Title (02:36)