The Fly / Return Of The Fly - Complete Score - Limited 1000 Copies - Paul Sawtell

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The Fly and Return of the Fly were both previously released in a box set on Percepto Records (which also contained Curse of the Fly, composed by Shefter alone), which has been long out of print and hard to find. For this reissue, we decided to just present the first two films, since they were made only a year apart and were both composed by Sawtell and Shefter. WeÕve done some cleanup work and remastered the sound, combined a couple of shorter cues and removed the ÒFox FanfareÓ since it obviously wasnÕt composed by Sawtell and Shefter. Both scores are complete Ð The Fly in glorious stereo, and the low budget Return of the Fly in glorious mono. So, turn off the lights and bask in the eerie glow of two classic sci-fi/horror scores by the great team of Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter.
Track Listing
Main Title
Napaj Ni Edam/Happy Couple/Matchbox
The Claw
The Morning After
FlyÕs Madam/PhillipÕs Disappointment/
Another Experiment
HeleneÕs Discovery
Strange Story/Show Me/Help Me
End Title
Main Title
Amen/To the Foundry
How It Happened/Leave Me Alone
The House/Cecile
Fly Fright/The Heavy
The Experiment
Goodnight Phil
Gone Detective/The Phone Call
Rat Monster/Getting Rid of the Car
Disintegrated/Francois Shot
The Fly
Barthold/The Killing
Allen Dies/Righting Matters/End Titles