The Film Music Of Ken Wannberg Vol 3 - Ken Wannberg

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THE AMATEUR - CIA computer technician John Savage seeks revenge for the terrorist killing of his girlfriend. Threatening to make public his insider's information, Savage forces his reluctant bosses to train him in the art of assassination. He then heads into enemy territory (at least, it was enemy territory back in 1982) on a search-and-destroy mission. There is nothing in "The Amateur" that we haven't seen elsewhere, but Savage and a solid cast of supporting players Christopher Plummer,Marthe Keller, Arthur Hill, Ed Lauter, Nicholas Campbell, Jan Rubes et. al.-- keep the proceedings lively. Robert Littell co-adapted the film's screenplay from his own novel. 1982
OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN - When a banking executive tries to outsmart an enormous and seriously pesky rat, it is a case of a battle of wits between two unarmed opponents in this tedious rodent horror treatise on the multiple dangers of rats. Bert Hughes (Peter Weller) is home alone in his Manhattan apartment, trying to work out a major change in his trust company when a noisy rat starts scratching around his periphery, and he becomes obsessed with exterminating it. By the time Hughes is through, his whole apartment is nearly exterminated -- and his friends are keeping their distance due to his rat-mania. (In the middle of a business dinner he brings up the topic of rats served as "stringy chicken" in an Asian country.) Rats may be Of Unknown Origin, but more than their questionable hygiene and genealogy is needed to frighten viewers. 1983
THE LATE SHOW - Even though he barely makes enough money to cover his expenses and finds divorce cases (his bread and butter) unsavory, aging detective Ira Wells (Art Carney) is determined to stay active and to retain some amount of self-respect. When his partner Harry Regan (Howard Duff) is killed while on assignment, Ira agrees to take on his current case, although he can't see how it has anything to do with his friend's murder, which he is anxious to solve. In order to survive, by solving the case of his client's missing cat, and solving the murder of his friend, Ira winds up accepting a lot of help from his client Margo (Lily Tomlin). By the end of the film, it looks like an offbeat romance, or perhaps a new business partnership, is blooming. Also stars Ruth Nelson (from "Wilson"). 1977
Track Listing
"The Amateur"
1. Main Title 3:44
2. Stolen Dreams 3:08
3. Montage 1:16
4. Crossing the Border 4:58
5. Slavic Slut 2:09
6. Depth Charge 1:09
7. The Killing 3:27
8. Heller in the Cellar 2:48
9. Finale/End Titles 3:18
"Of Unknown Origin"
10. Main Title 2:14
11. Birthday Dream/Rat Droppings 4:41
12. "I Smell a Rat"/The Weapon 3:37
13. Ready for Battle/The Last Battle 6:48
14. End Title 2:22
"The Late Show"
15. Main Theme 1:37
16. The End of Harry 1:36
17. Talking 4:07
18. Prelude to a Chase/Chase and Escape 4:21
19. Ulcer Time 2:15
20. The Trap/All is Revealed/End Game 6:23
21. End Title 1:39