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The music for EXTERMINATOR 2 was composed by David Spear, a prolific composer, conductor and orchestrator who worked on a hefty slate of films throughout the 1980s including AIRPLANE!, HEAVY METAL, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, GHOSTBUSTERS, MY SCIENCE PROJECT, THREE AMIGOS!, NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER 2, MORTUARY ACADEMY and MAD DOG AND GLORY. Spear composed and produced the music for EXTERMINATOR 2 entirely with synthesizers. He was brought aboard the project by agent Richard Kraft who at the time was employed at Cannon Films and was responsible for hiring the composers. The two main instruments Spear used to produce the score were the Yamaha DX-7 and an Oberheim DX drum machine. In addition to the underscore composed for the picture, Spear also penned a delightful love song with the help of Steve Goldring who wrote the lyrics and sang the duet with vocalist Lisa Donovan.
Dragon’s Domain Records presents EXTERMINATOR 2, featuring music composed by David Spear for the very first time on compact disc. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and the liner notes have been written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, with the participation of the composer.
Track Listing
1. Opening Titles/Police Scanner (2:44)
2. John’s Theme/Life in the City (2:08)
3. X Meets With the Drug Lords (2:02)
4. Kidnapping in Broad Daylight (1:23)
5. X’s Crew Tail the Garbage Truck to Caroline’s Home (1:09)
6. The Parking Ticket (1:23)
7. Love Theme (Short) (0:33)
8. X’s Crew Break Caroline’s Legs/Police Scanner/Alley Incineration (4:41)
9. Caroline Pushes John Away (0:40)
10. The Electrocution Execution (Album Edit) (2:51)
11. Fury (0:19)
12. Love Theme (Vocal Duet) (1:31)
13. John and Be Gee Steal the Uzi (Album Extended) (2:49)
14. Fighting The Punks (0:57)
15. John’s Urban Assault Vehicle (Welding Montage) (2:06)
16. The Drug Deal Begins/Crashing The Party (3:31)
17. X Kills Be Gee/Escape/Dog Tags/Too Late to Save Caroline (2:25)
18. Extermination (1:39)
19. Final Showdown with X (The Big Shootout) Bulldozing the Gang/
The Scaffold Chase/The Money Bag Bomb (9:52)
Total Time: 45:32
1. Opening Titles/Police Scanner (2:44)
2. Liquor Store Robbery/Incinerating Punks (1:46)
3. John’s Theme/X’s Introduction/John and Caroline (1:25)
4. Armored Car Robbery/Police Chopper Explosion (2:03)
5. Be Gee’s Garbage Truck (0:50)
6. The Electrocution Execution (3:59)
7. John and Be Gee Ride Along/X Meets the Drug Lords (2:14)
8. Kidnapping in Broad Daylight (1:23)
9. Testing The Drug Sample (0:58)
10. A Toast and a Kiss From Caroline (1:01)
11. X’s Crew Tail the Garbage Truck to Caroline’s Home (1:09)
12. The Parking Ticket (1:23)
13. Love Theme (Vocal Duet) (1:31)
14. X’s Crew Break Caroline’s Legs (3:09)
15. John and Be Gee Bring Caroline Home From the Hospital (2:36)
16. Police Scanner and Alley Incineration (1:40)
17. Caroline Pushes John Away (0:40)
18. Spotting The Punks in the Park (1:41)
19. Fighting The Punks (0:57)
20. The Drug Deal Begins/Crashing The Party (3:31)
21. X Kills Be Gee/Escape/Dog Tags/Too Late to Save Caroline (2:25)
22. John’s Urban Assault Vehicle (Welding Montage) (2:06)
23. X Kills The Snitch (1:23)
24. The Big Shootout/Bulldozing The Gang (3:02)
25. The Scaffold Chase (4:20)
26. The Money Bag Bomb (2:36)
27. X Impaled/John Walks Away (1:09)
28. End Credit Suite (5:33)
29. Untitled (Unused) (0:44)
30. Life in the City (Unused) (1:49)
31. Extermination (Unused) (1:39)
32. Part 2 of A14 (Unused) (1:54)
Total Time: 66:46

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