The Exorcist – Complete Rejected Score – Special Edition – Lalo Schifrin / Jack Nitzsche


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William Friedkin’s outstanding horror classic The Exorcist from 1973. still today a groundbreaking exercise in supernatural horror and make up effects which set the benchmark in todays horror films. The score was released with Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells as the “theme” from the movie accompanied by classical compositions to go with the subject matter and historical references. However originally the movie was to be scored by Lalo Schifrin & Jack Nitzsche. who were dropped in favour of the final cut. The score has never been released commercially and this is the original special edition which contains the complete score as written by Schifrin & Nitzsche. amounting to around 15 mins but includes the fantastic trailer music written by Lalo Schifrin.
Track Listing
1. Iraq (1:56) Jack Nitzsche / Krzystof Pendrecki
2. Georgetown (4:18) Mike Oldfield
3. Five Pieces For Orchestra (1:11) Sehr Langsam 
4. Polymorphia (11:49) Krzystof Pendrecki
5. String Quartet No1 (7:14) Krzystof Pendrecki
6. Beginnings From “The Wind Harp” (2:41) Harry Bee
7. Night Of The Electric Insects (1:38) George Crum
8. Kanon For Orchestra & Tape (9:52) Hans Werner Henze
9. Tubular Bells (0:31) Mike Oldfield
10. Fantasia For Strings (2:21) Hans Werner Henze
Rejected Score
11. Music From The Unused Trailer (Bonus) (1:10) Lalo Schifrin
12. Suite From The Unused Score (Bonus) (11:11) Lalo Schifrin
13. Rock Ballad (Unused Theme) (Bonus) (1:53) Lalo Schifrin

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