The Empire Strikes Back – Symphonic Suite – Limited Edition – John Williams


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Originally released to supplement – not compete with – the 2-LP Motion Picture Soundtrack of STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, this 1-LP release, skillfully combines a “Symphonic Suite” that John Williams created for concert performance with new arrangements of other cues from the film score. This fantastic, long out of print album comes in a gatefold jacket with the original iconic Star Wars paintings by William Stout, images of John Williams, and notes from author Ray Bradbury, composer and critic, Christopher Palmer, and from the maestro himself. Out of print since original pressing in 1980. 180 gm black vinyl pressing.
Track Listing
Side One:
20th Century-Fox Fanfare (0:21)
Main Title/The Imperial Probe (5:25)
Luke’s First Crash (2:29)
Han Solo And The Princess (4:26)
The Asteroid Field (4:12)
The Training Of A Jedi Knight And “May The Force Be With You” (1:56)
The Battle In The Snow (3:06)
Side Two:
The Imperial March (3:21)
The Magic Tree (3:38)
Yoda’s Theme (3:34)
The Rebels Escape Again (3:01)
Lando’s Palace, The Duel (Through The Window) (5:01)
Finale (4:39)

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