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The Empire Strikes Back - 2 x CD Complete Score - John Williams

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In preparation for the 20th anniversary releases of the Special Editions of the original trilogy of films, Twentieth Century Fox spent four months, from April to July 1996, transferring, cleaning and preparing the original soundtracks for special two disc releases. The original release, by RCA Victor in 1997, consisted of limited edition books with laser etched CDs inside the front and back covers with each book. In the case of The Empire Strikes Back, the discs are etched with the logo for the Empire. The discs were given an unlimited release in a two disc jewel case, also by RCA Victor later that year. They were again rereleased in 2004 by Sony Music, with new artwork paralleling the first DVD release of the original trilogy.
Track Listing
Disc one
20th Century Fox Fanfare (Alfred Newman, 1954) Ð 0:22
Main Title/The Ice Planet Hoth** Ð 8:09
The Wampa's Lair/Vision of Obi-Wan*/Snowspeeders Take Flight Ð 8:44
The Imperial Probe*/Aboard the Executor* Ð 4:24
The Battle of Hoth Ð 14:48
The Ion Cannon* Ð 4:01
Imperial Walkers Ð 3:38
Beneath the AT-AT Ð 4:01
Escape in the Millennium Falcon Ð 3:08
The Asteroid Field Ð 4:15
Arrival on Dagobah Ð 4:54
Luke's Nocturnal Visitor Ð 2:35 (1:55-end is in the film)
Han Solo and the Princess Ð 3:26
Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave** Ð 5:44
The Training of a Jedi Knight**/The Magic Tree Ð 5:16
Total Time: 62:43
*previously unreleased
*contains previously unreleased material
Disc two
The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) Ð 3:02
Yoda's Theme Ð 3:30
Attacking a Star Destroyer* Ð 3:04
Yoda and the Force Ð 4:02
Imperial Starfleet Deployed*/City in the Clouds Ð 6:04
Lando's Palace Ð 3:53
Betrayal at Bespin Ð 3:46
Deal with the Dark Lord* Ð 2:37
Carbon Freeze*/Darth Vader's Trap*/Departure of Boba Fett Ð 11:50
The Clash of Lightsabers Ð 4:18
Rescue from Cloud City*/Hyperspace Ð 9:10
The Rebel Fleet/End Title Ð 6:28
Total Time: 61:44
*contains previously unreleased