The Egyptian - Expanded Score - Bernard Herrmann

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The Egyptian (1954) is the one of the all-time legendary film scores -- an historical epic jointly scored by Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Newman. The two composers did not just paste in their own music but actually shared themes, planned their narrative approach and merged their styles to the point of truly collaborating. Together they produced a lengthy score in the best biblical-epic tradition, depicting religious awakening, tragic love and ancient civilization with the formidable techniques of each composer Ñfrom Newman's grasp of heartbreaking devotion to Herrmann's colorful setpieces of violence and obsession. (For the sake of comparison, this would be as if John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith today scored a new science fiction movie, or Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer scored a summer action film.)Although there are two existing CDs of The Egyptian, both are re-recordings: the Marco Polo CD in the late 1990s, done with a Russian orchestra and choir, and the Varese Sarabande CD (now out of print) in 1954, representing the original, mono Decca LP. This new FSM CD is the original, expanded stereo soundtrack, performed for the film under the batons of the composers in ideal studio conditionsÑand collectors know the immense challenge of any re-recording to surpass the OST. Here, then, lives The Egyptian in its original stereo glory, in the most complete form possibleÑa cornerstone of any soundtrack collection.
Track Listing
Prelude/The Ruins 2:32
Crocodile Inn*/Thebes 1:09
Chant for Dead Pharaoh* 1:46
The Chariot Ride/Pursuit/Akhnaton*/Put Them in Chains* 3:48
The Throne Room* 1:34
Taia 1:06
Party's End/The Offering/The Harp Player 3:30
The Deed/The Harp and Couch 3:13
The Perfection of Love/Violence 3:31
The House of the Dead/The Burial 2:49
Valley of the Kings* 7:12
The Homecoming 1:23
Hymn to Aton* 5:06
Nefer's Farewell/Sights, Sounds and Smells* 3:27
You've Been in My Prayers* 2:25
Live for Our Son* 1:45
Am I Mad?* 3:22
The Princess/The True Pharaoh/The Tomb 4:54
Danse Macabre 1:30
Death of Merit* 4:16
The Death Potion 2:19
Death of Akhnaton* 4:55
I Am Pharaoh*/Horemheb's Victorious Entrance* 2:15
Exile and Death* 1:39
Total Time: 72:06
* by Alfred Newman