The Egyptian – Expanded Score – Limited 3000 Copies – Bernard Herrmann (OUT OF PRINT)


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Finally, and for the very first time present the complete score from The Egyptian, adding more than 30:00 of previously-believed-lost music plus a selection of never -before-heard alternate cue variations. he Egyptian (1954) not only gave Herrmann an exceptionally exotic canvas on which to work, it gave him a work partner Ñ none other than the legendary, the great and powerful Alfred NewmanTaking advantage of both new mixing technologies and also a newly discovered source for the original music masters РVERY RARE & SOUGHT AFTER Р( SOLD OUT ! )
Track Listing
Prelude/The Ruins 2:32
Crocodile Inn*/Thebes 1:09
Chant for Dead Pharaoh* 1:46
The Chariot Ride/Pursuit/Akhnaton*/Put Them in Chains* 3:48
The Throne Room* 1:34
Taia 1:06
Party’s End/The Offering/The Harp Player 3:30
The Deed/The Harp and Couch 3:13
The Perfection of Love/Violence 3:31
The House of the Dead/The Burial 2:49
Valley of the Kings* 7:12
The Homecoming 1:23
Hymn to Aton* 5:06
Nefer’s Farewell/Sights, Sounds and Smells* 3:27
You’ve Been in My Prayers* 2:25
Live for Our Son* 1:45
Am I Mad?* 3:22
The Princess/The True Pharaoh/The Tomb 4:54
Danse Macabre 1:30
Death of Merit* 4:16
The Death Potion 2:19
Death of Akhnaton* 4:55
I Am Pharaoh*/Horemheb’s Victorious Entrance* 2:15
Exile and Death* 1:39
Total Time: 72:06
* by Alfred Newman
All others by Bernard Herrmann

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