The Deep - 2 x CD Expanded Score - John Barry

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Wow! Long-awaited world premiere release of classic John Barry soundtrack in a 2-CD set! After two years of effort with two major licensors (UMG & Sony Pictures), Intrada realizes complete presentation of score plus classic original 1977 album! Peter Yates directs Nick Nolte, Robert Shaw, Jacqueline Bisset in big screen version of Peter Benchley novel. John Barry supplies sensational score to match excitement, danger of underwater tale. Barry melds haunting, richly beautiful theme with abundance of dark, dangerous material to create unusually wide-scale score, replete with dense underwater motifs, aggressive action licks... ever-anchored by stunningly beautiful main theme. Intrada presents complete score on CD 1, in mono from only surviving 1/4" session masters vaulted in excellent condition by Sony, then offers complete (and generous) original Casablanca soundtrack album in stereo from superb condition actual album masters vaulted by UMG - and yes! - including great Donna Summers rendition of Barry's love theme! Unusual at the time, Barry assembled highlights of his score into single 24-minute suite, a technique reprised by Jerry Goldsmith the following year for his THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL album. While Barry covers major highlights, he only touches on half of his score. Complete presentation allows entire hour of music to play in picture sequence, offering rich variations on theme, sizzling danger motifs, other highlights deleted from LP version. Both discs stand by themselves as great listening experiences! John Barry conducts.SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
Complete Original Motion Picture Score (CD 1)
01. First Discovery (Main Title) 3:55
02. More Discovery 3:02
03. The Coin; The Vial; The Chase 3:27
04. Your Ship Is Dead; Here YouÕll Need This;
Second Dive; Eel Attack 8:56
05. Voo Doo 1:48
06. Tower; Helpless 1:30
07. Three Key Lock; All Yours 3:43
08. Soft Kisses; Dive Preparations 3:01
09. Third Dive 5:32
10. Trouble 3:03
11. Shark Bait (Original Version);
Coffin Discovers; Death Grip 4:34
12. Kevin Dead; Goodbye Coffin 3:09
13. After Explosion 4:46
14. Final Dive/Final Eel Attack; End Credits 7:54
CD 1 Total Time 58:46
Original 1977 Soundtrack Album (CD 2)
01. Return To The Sea Ð 2033 A.D. 24:01
A Ballet Based On The Score From The Motion Picture The Deep
02. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)
- Donna Summer 4:24
03. Theme From The Deep Ð John Barry 4:33
04. Disco Calypso - Beckett 7:29
05. Theme from The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)
- Donna Summer (A Love Song) 4:01
CD 2 Total Time 44:43