The Crow - Collector's Edition - 2 Disc Blu-Ray - Alex Proyas

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Based on the independent comic by James O'Barr, The Crow tells the story of Eric Draven (Brandon Lee in his final performance) who returns from the dead to avenge both the death of himself and his girlfriend who were savagely murdered at the hands of a gang.
What follows is his one-man revenge where he hunts down the gang members one by one and takes their life in revenge. Only once he and Shelly have been avenged, can Eric rest in peace. Normally that description could be applied to any low budget B-Movie that you would see on USA Up All Night. But this isn't "Kamikaze Truckers from Mars"; this is The Crow.
Disc One of the set includes the movie and audio commentary by the producer and one of the writers, as well as trailers for other Dimension movies that are on DVD.
Disc Two is the gold mine. In addition to an older featurette that includes interviews with the cast (including one of Brandon Lee's final interviews), there is a new profile/interview with James O'Barr that was filmed late last year. There are also thee extended scenes, a deleted scenes montage (similar to the one on the Gladiator DVD), poster concepts, storyboards, and DVD ROM features such as the script.
The two-disc set is a huge improvement over the original release, and should keep fans happy.