The China Syndrome - Complete Score - Michael Small

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One of the best kept secrets in film music is out! World premiere release of never-used Michael Small score for highly-praised, then-timely thriller directed by James Bridges, starring Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas, Jack Lemmon. Tense tale of nuclear plant disaster played incredibly well without any dramatic scoring, but original intent was to have Small add suspense, excitement to grim & eerie proceedings. Small offers terse ideas, keeps pace with pending disaster, then unleashes sensational action cue with "Meltdown!" sequence. While multi-track elements have vanished, Sony fortunately vaulted mono safety copies of entire sessions. Engineering slates and paperwork allowed us to recreate Small's original picture intent as well. Also included is "bonus" section of Small's original source music, used for various TV bumpers (Fonda & Douglas are TV reporters). Michael Small conducts.SOLD OUT !
Track Listing
01. The Plant 2:21
02. News At 6:00 1:41
03. Ticking Time Bomb 7:48
04. Hot Rods 3:08
05. News At 11:00 1:50
06. Meltdown! 3:31
07. The China Syndrome 4:18
08. The Truth and Finale 5:28

Bonus Tracks Ð Michael Small Source Music
09. Source Suite #1 1:32
10. Source Suite #2 5:20