The Chairman - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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One of Jerry Goldsmith's many strengths as a composer was his ethnic scores in particular his ability to vividly recreate the sounds of the far east. For this new presentation of the album Prometheus have changed the running order and open the CD with Jerry Goldsmith's Piano solo of the love theme (The World That Only Lovers See) , performed by the composer and supported by orchestra. It's said that Goldsmith's gorgeous love theme went on to become a song sung by Shirley Bassey with lyrics by Hal Shaper.
Track Listing
1. Welcome to the Philippines/The Observers/The Sniper (5:59)
2. The Night Before (2:16)
3. The Mafia Marines (2:06)
4. The Hostage (3:07)
5. The Mission Begins (4:23)
6. The Rope Trick (1:48)
7. Night Flight (2:11)
8. The Ring/Not Thirsty (2:47)
9. The Archer (2:28)
10. Coffee Break (2:19)
11. Just a Little More/No Victories - End Title (4:07)