The Chain Reaction – Complete Score – Black Vinyl – OOP – Andrew Thomas Wilson


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Described as ‘Mad Max meets the China Syndrome’, the 1980 Australian film The Chain Reaction is an often overlooked entry in the highly venerated Ozploitation Genre. A nuclear disaster themed thrill ride into early 80s Australiana and industrial paranoia. Sitting alongside Night Of Fear (1972) and Turkey Shoot (1982) in the outlandish canon of Australian B-cinema from the 1970s and 80s The Chain Reaction includes its fair share of gratuitous nudity, ocker attitude and souped up vehicular carnage…
Track Listing
A1 Awakening 1:46
A2 The Beast 4:17
A3 Decontamination 2:05
A4 Heinrich’s Theme 3:00
A5 Waldo 1:17
A6 A Swim In The River 1:48
A7 Chain Reaction 4:52

B1 Once More With Feeling 3:00
B2 Paradise Valley 1:03
B3 Car Chase 4:31
B4 Carmel’s Theme 1:38
B5 Waldo Arrives 1:57
B6 The Hand At The Window 0:42
B7 Message To A Friend (End Titles) 4:28

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