The Boys From Brazil - 2CD Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Wow! 2-CD world premiere of complete Academy Award-nominated Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for Franklin Schaffner thriller from Ira Levin novel, starring Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier. Shaffner always inspired best in Goldsmith. Here he responded with global action, excitement! Original 1978 LP was a favorite of composer. He personally edited 35 minutes of highlights into unique 3-movement suite plus one song. Intrada now proudly presents entire 55-minute score, mixed from magnificent condition multi-track session masters. Ferocious action cues (missing from LP) are highlights! Lengthy "The Killers Arrive" with dynamic tuba/bass trombone "Nazi" motif another previously-unreleased gem! Intrada also offers all-important original LP, fully remixed & remastered for best audio ever! Still more bonus material: classical excerpts conducted by Goldsmith at sessions, original radio "samba" (by Arthur Morton!) heard on boy's radio in Paraguay plus pair of score alternates! Thrill to every note of Goldsmith's masterpiece in powerhouse stereo! Detailed notes by Jon Burlingame complete dramatic package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra.SOLD OUT.
Track Listing
Disc 1
CD 1 ~ COMPLETE SCORE, total time 55:40

1. Main Title (01:32)
2. The Killers Arrive (05:26)
3. What Does He Want (03:57)
4. Find It; DonÕt Believe Me (04:55)
5. Kill Him (01:33)
6. Reuters News (00:34)
7. Broken Bottles (01:56)
8. WeÕre Home Again (Film Mix) (04:07)
9. S29 (01:44)
10. Without Hope/Frau Doring (04:46)
11. Do Yours (00:33)
12. The Dam (01:41)
13. Over The Top; Frieda Maloney (02:22)
14. December 11th (01:23)
15. The Hospital (Revised) (02:18)
16. Jungle Holocaust (03:36)
17. Old Photos (02:52)
18. You! (01:12)
19. The Right One (01:16)
20. Print!; The Dark Room; End Title (06:48)

Disc 2 CD 2 total time 55:39

1. Suite from ÒThe Boys From BrazilÓ (19:49)
2. WeÕre Home Again (Album Mix) (03:51)
3. Frau Doring (08:14)
4. The Dogs & Finale (06:57)
Tracks 5-9 BONUS TRACKS, time 16:26
excerpts conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
5. Siegfried Idyll [excerpt] (Richard Wagner) (04:24)
6. The Blue Danube [excerpt] (Johann Strauss II, adapted by Arthur Morton) (02:27)
7. IsmaelÕs Samba [radio source] Arthur Morton (02:00)
8. The Hospital (02:19)
9. The Killers Arrive [without percussion overlay] (05:04)