The Boogeyman - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Tim Krog

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Howlin' Wolf Records at long last proudly presents on CD the eerie electronic score by composer Tim Krog for the 1980 Ulli Lommel cult classic THE BOOGEY MAN. This premiere CD release of the soundtrack presents the 1980 program, transferred and mastered from the original vinyl. The album assembly remixes and rearranges the majority of the score heard in the film into an optimal listening program, and includes some material not heard in the final film. In addition the CD includes two bonus tracks of newly arranged and recorded music by up and coming composer Fernando Pereyra. THE BOOGEY MAN is packaged in a jewel case with full color inserts, featuring a 16-page booklet with striking designs by Luis M. Rojas and liner notes penned by Jason Comerford, including reflections by Director/Co-Write Ulli Lommel.
Track Listing
01 The Boogey Man 3:03
02 Nightmare 0:57
03 Weird Willy Music 2:10
04 The Boogey Man Strikes1:36
05 Explosion at the Well 2:51
06 The Boogey Man (version 2) 3:57
07 Childhood 3:40
08 Jake's Theme 1:29
09 Gloom 2:20
10 Music Box 0:37
11 Fast Tracks 3:12
12 The Boogey Man (version 3) 2:35
13 The Boogey Man Suite 8:01
14 The Boogey Man Remix 6:52