The Blue Max - Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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At last! World premiere release of Jerry Goldsmith's complete soundtrack, widely regarded as an all-time great. Intrada gains access to all original stereo mixes made at Shepperton Studios in London plus multi-track mixes made at 20th Century Fox, presents previously unreleased cues, correct takes & assemblies plus best stereo imaging to date. Previous releases were incomplete plus either processed sound to address hiss (reducing stereo image) or assembled with incorrect mixes (resulting in jarring edits). Intrada CD improves both, also presents first release of "The Balloon" (where Stachel takes initial assignment to shoot down observation balloon) plus introduces final "Exit Music" intended for roadshow presentations. Also hear "Love Theme" as composer intended for first time since 1966 Mainstream LP, with orchestral intro, coda plus composer's preferred assembly of "First Blood/First Victory" as he composed it. Graphics by Joe Sikoryak, detailed notes by Julie Kirgo complete package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts.SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
01. Main Title 2:22
02. The New Arrival 1:23
03. A Toast To Bruno 1:40
04. The Balloon 0:53
05. First Blood/First Victory 3:02
06. The Captive/The Victim 4:17
07. The Cobra 1:38
08. The Attack 6:31
09. Love Theme From ÒThe1 Blue MaxÓ 1:50
10. A Small Favor 0:57
11. A Lonely Hero 1:15
12. The Rivals 0:25
13. Finale To Part 1 1:03
14. Prelude To Part 2 1:39
15. The Bridge 3:13
16. StachelÕs Confession 1:33
17. Retreat 7:34
18. Stachel To Berlin/Food Riot 2:25
19. Nothing Needed 0:40
20. Kaeti Has A Plan 3:29
21. StachelÕs Last Flight 1:57
22. End Title 2:36
23. Finale To Part 2 (Exit Music) 1:11

Total Score Time: 55:20

Bonus Source Music
Adapted by Jerry Goldsmith and Arthur Morton, Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
24. Pour Le Merite March (Traditional) 2:13
25. Student Song Medley (Traditional) 2:07
26. Presentiar March (Traditional) 1:25
27. ArtistÕs Life (J. Strauss) 0:54
28. Gloria March (G. Piefke) 0:26
29. Watch On The Rhine (K. Wilhelm) 1:40
30. Deutschland Uber Alles (J. Haydn) 0:48
Bonus Source Music Time: 10:05