The Blue Lagoon - Expanded Score - Limited Edition - Basil Poledouris

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Gorgeous, early Basil Poledouris score put him on the map, now gets brand new restoration! 1980 film became massive box-office success for Columbia Pictures. Randal Kleiser directs, Brooke Shields stars with Christopher Atkins, Leon McKern supports, Nestor Almendros photographs, Daniel Day Stewart scripts from famous 1908 novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole. Haunting tale of shipwrecked boy and girl, growing into maturity on secluded island paradise inspires Poledouris to musically paint symphonic portrait of his own beloved sea. Themes are by turns soaring and gentle, tender and dramatic. Major keys play significant role throughout. In contrast, ideas for Paddy (lone adult who survives for a short while) are darker, material for idols more dramatic, shark attack cues more aggressive. Film featured several montage sequences, affording Poledouris room to create absolutely sumptuous music for each, now playful, now surging. Original album on Marlin label (and subsequent CD from Southern Cross) featured just 34 minutes of music. New Intrada CD adds another 22 minutes of previously unreleased score, including several darker, more dramatic sequences plus 6 minutes of alternates. Entire release is presented from the original three-channel scoring session masters made at AAV Studios in Melbourne with Roger Savage engineering and Australian film composer Brian May supervising the sessions. All master elements provided courtesy Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Entertainment. Flipper-style booklet design by Kay Marshall offers two distinct approaches to original film marketing campaign, notes by John Takis include comments by director Kleiser. Basil Poledouris conducts 70-piece Australian Symphony Orchestra.

Track Listing
01. Love Theme (Emmeline) (02:32)
02. The Blue Lagoon Main Title (02:37)
03. Fire (01:17)
04. Fog (0:42)
05. Paddy's Sunset/The Island (02:16)
06. The Skull/Acclimation Montage (02:43)
07. God Head (0:39)
08. Paddy's Swim/Paddy's Death (01:37)
09. The Children Grow (04:10)
10. Richard Floats (01:05)
11. Hut Chase (01:04)
12. I See You Now (01:11)
13. Emmeline - Theme From The Blue Lagoon (Alternate) (02:06)
14. Richard Beguiled (0:40)
15. Leave Me Alone (0:51)
16. The Raft (Alternate) (0:58)
17. Living Alone/God Carry (02:41)
18. Underwater Courtship (02:02)
19. The Kiss/Love Montage (05:21)
20. Native Run (0:27)
21. The Birth/Bad People (01:33)
22. Richard Sees Paddy (02:20)
23. Baby Swim (03:00)
24. Boat (01:14)
25. The Return (0:45)
26. The Memories (01:23)
27. Shark/The Hand of Fate (02:07)
28. Violet Twilight (Alternate) (02:27)
29. Three Points To Port (01:14)
30. End Credits (02:14)
     Total Score Time: 56:07

The Extras
31. Emmeline - Theme From The Blue Lagoon (02:05)
32. The Raft (0:46)
33. Jungle Drums (02:10)
34. Off Island Drums (01:06)
35. Wild Tree Bell (0:05)
     Total Extras Time: 06:22
     Total CD Time: 1:02:37