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The Beyond - Expanded Score - Limited 500 Copies - Fabio Frizzi

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A new tribute to the collaboration of great director Lucio Fulci and M¬° Fabio Frizzi for a horror production of absolute quality: E TU VIVRAI NEL TERRORE... L'ALDILA'! A movie released in 1981 that sees in the cast Katherine MacColl, David Warbeck, Sarah Keller, Antoine Saint John and Veronica Lazar acting with one great actor: the score!
An hypnotism that lasts nearly 60 minutes with the wonderful music of Maestro Frizzi in which we have his trademark central as ever, the Mellotron. The CD is released in jewelbox with an 8 pages booklet with original artwork and liner notes by M¬° Frizzi on the score and by M¬° De Gemini on the director. A hint, don't live in terror and get it!
Track Listing
1. Oltre La Soglia (01:35)
2. Oltre La Soglia (02:20)
3. Voci Dal Nulla (04:25)
4. Sequenza Coro E Orchestra* (02:27)
5. Suono Aperto (03:56)
6. Voci Dal Nulla (04:16)
7. Oltre La Soglia (03:59)
8. Giro Di Blues (02:20)
9. Verso L'Ignoto (03:56)
10. Suono Aperto (01:32)
11. Sequenza Ritmica E Tema (01:36)
12. Voci Dal Nulla (02:56)
13. Oltre La Soglia (01:42)
14. Sequenza Ritmica E Tema (04:22)
15. Giro Di Blues (02:20)
16. Verso L'Ignoto (03:21)
17. Voci Dal Nulla (01:36)
18. Suono Aperto (01:22)
19. Sequenza Coro E Orchestra (04:30)
20. Voci Dal Nulla (01:32)
Total Time: 56:03