The Baytown Outlaws - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Christopher Young

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Classy cast in high-octane Southern action picture gets punchy rock-based Southern soundtrack by Christopher Young & Kostas Christides to match! Barry Battles calls tale a "Southern Whup-Ass Extravaganza", directs Billy Bob Thornton, Eva Longoria, Andre Braugher in action at breakneck speed. Young & Christides create cues both high-powered, flavorful. When called for, melodies take front and center. Moments of tenderness have their say as well. But no matter where composers take score, guitars, bass, drums & piano underline everything with crisp, twangy authenticity. Striking, unusual score from horror music veterans! As customary for composer Young, CD features cues carefully re-worked and assembled for maximum listening pleasure. Christopher Young on piano, Tom Rotella, Andy Abad, Nick Stoubis on guitars, Karl Vincent on bass, M.B. Gordy on drums & percussion. A genuine thrill-ride, country style!
Track Listing
01. Baytown Outlaws (3:58)
02. Sugar Plum Scum (2:54)
03. Longorioso (3:11)
04. Brthr Fckr (4:13)
05. When You Wish Upon A Guitar (3:16)
06. Two Pistol Coffin (5:42)
07. She Is My Shining Island Nympho (4:14)
08. Shellac Eyes (2:10)
09. Ode To Billy Bob (4:05)
10. Lay Me Down On Cold Ground (3:42)
11. Bob-A-Lo Babe (3:10)
12. Fandango Mango (4:27)
13. Searley Insane (3:30)