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Powerhouse action is name of the game! Alan Silvestri returns to duty with Marvel’s famous crime fighting characters in epic adventure directed by Joss Whedon. Inspired by heroics & derring-do of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow all combined in ambitious action tale, Silvestri writes what may be his biggest, most exciting and (arguably) his loudest film score! Adding muscle to dynamic score is presence of composer’s proud major-key fanfare-theme first heard in Marvel’s hit 2011 film Captain America, reprised here in new variants judiciously throughout thundering action sequences. Plethora of new ideas plus intriguing new theme in eastern European mode for Black Widow. Additional assets are lengthy cues, in-your-face playing by 80-piece orchestra, dramatically captured in weighted recording by Dennis Sands made in London. For this generous 76-minute CD, Alan Silvestri and long-time associate David Bifano produced a dynamic album exclusively for Hollywood Records/Intrada. Rounding out handsome Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios presentation, director Whedon contributes personalized notes plus booklet features array of color stills showcasing iconic characters. Alan Silvestri conducts.
Track Listing
01. Arrival 2:59
02. Doors Open from Both Sides 3:29
03. Tunnel Chase 4:47
04. Interrogation 2:38
05. Stark Goes Green 4:46
06. Helicarrier 2:09
07. Subjugation 3:40
08. Don’t Ta ke My Stuff 5:06
09. Red Ledger 5:10
10. Assault 4:24
11. They Called It 2:41
12. Performance Issues 4:56
13. Seeing, Not Believing 4:25
14. Assemble 5:21
15. I Got a ride 4:00
16. A Little Help 3:49
17. One Way Trip 5:50
18. A Promise 3:34
19. The Avengers 2:03

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