The Appointment - Complete Score - John Barry

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Score #1: Michel Legrand, recorded in Paris. Then at the peak of his powers (Ice Station Zebra, The Thomas Crown Affair), Michel Legrand provided a single 12-bar theme orchestrated for vibes, flutes, keyboards, guitars and harps, evoking Sharif's single-minded obsession. Legrand's (deliberately redundant) score was discarded after the film's initial screening for M-G-M executives, and is presented as a 2-track suite running 18:59.
Score #2: John Barry & Don Walker, recorded in London. The Appointment was released internationally with a symphonic score consisting of a 32-bar theme by John Barry, adapted and lushly orchestrated by Don Walker (a Broadway arranger who subsequently worked on Barry's musicals). This is the version of the film approved by Lumet and presently in circulation. Barry's theme was released on a French 45rpm single, both tracks of which are included within the 26:19 program on this new CD.
Score #3: Stu Phillips, recorded in Culver City. When The Appointment was released in the U.S., it was in a shorter version premiered on CBS television as the late night movie on July 20, 1972. The new cut was scored by Stu Phillips who provided a contemporary, rhythmic feel, including two songs with lyrics by Bob Stone (presented in a 31:48 program). The style is roughly that of Phillips's pop/symphonic score to the 1970 cult classic, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
FSM's CD of The Appointment is presented entirely in stereo, remixed from the original master elements. Liner notes by Lukas Kendall chronicle the production and differences between the scores.
Track Listing
01. Suite Part 1 [11:20]
02. Suite Part 2 [07:39]
03. 1M1 Revised [01:21]
04. 3M2 [04:22]
05. 4M1 [01:01]
06. 6M2 [01:34]
07. 7M1 [01:25]
08. 9M1 [06:41]
09. Cafe Music [02:11]
10. 12M1 [04:22]
11. 13M2 [01:39]
12. 14M4 [01:39]
13. Solo e Triste [02:41] Vocal By Eric Karl Of Bodine
14. Carla / Help Me [02:33]
15. Partly Sunny [01:35]
16. Nothing [03:00]
17. The Beauty Of Beginning (instrumental) [02:21]
18. Train To Milan / The Ride Back [01:48]
Composed and Conducted by Stu Phillips, Lyrics by Bon Stone
19. Beginning Of Love / To The Island [03:01]
20. The Beauty Of Beginning [02:11] Vocal By Laura Creamer
21. Federico Waits / I Give You Everything / The Glasses [05:55]
22. Run To Emma's [02:29]
23. The Long Wait / Thank God / Carla Dies / The Moment Of Truth [04:09]