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The Agony & The Ecstasy - Expanded Scores - Jerry Goldsmith / Alex North

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The scope of the production was enormous. For their to-scale re-creation of the Sistine Chapel, Fox constructed in Rome the largest indoor set that had been built anywhere in the world up to that time. The film was captivating and the performances were wonderful. But the score É well, the score was a work of genius. Another veteran of Cleopatra, composer Alex North seemed to go from strength to strength. Spartacus was an unparalleled masterpiece. Cleopatra was mesmerizing and even more groundbreaking. Agony sent North into an altogether different world and he produced a stirringly emotional and thrilling score that ranks with the all-time greats. Joining with Spartacus and Cleopatra, Agony concluded the composerÕs trio of epics in grand style, ensuring that North would be considered one of the masters of the genre forever. It is a designation that not only lasts until today but NorthÕs scores seem on an even higher and more unattainable plane when viewed from a distance of 50 years.Titled The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint, the twelve and a half minute documentary was beautifully photographed, narrated by voice actor Marvin Miller and scored by the not-yet-legendary Jerry Goldsmith.In his score for this moving study of genius, Jerry Goldsmith produced an absolutely stirring work. In fact, it remained one of the composerÕs personal favorites through to the very end of his career. Though scored for full symphony orchestra, the orchestra actually speaks only occasionally. Despite the grandeur of the locations and works of art shown, GoldsmithÕs composition is actually one of the most fragile and delicate he ever wrote. The Prologue, twelve and a half minutes in length, was composed in five movements (Rome, Florence, The Crucifix, The Stone Giants, The Agony of Creation), played without a break. As stunning a work as it is, the piece was not included on the original soundtrack album of Alex NorthÕs score. Finally, and for the first time, it is here reunited with the score it was written to precede.Alex North and Jerry Goldsmith were lifelong friends. Given the friendship and mutual respect the two composers shared, it seems particularly fitting and poignant finally to unite such thrilling examples of some of each manÕs finest work.
Track Listing
The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint:
1. Prologue Ñ The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint (12:23)
i. Rome
ii. Florence
iii. The Crucifix
iv. The Stone Giants
v. The Agony of Creation

Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
The Agony And The Ecstasy:
2. Prelude Ñ The Mountains of Carrara (2:57)
3. The Warrior Pope (2:40)
4. The Medici (2:34)
5. The Sketch of The Apostles (3:12)
6. Sketch Destroyed (:58)
7. Genesis (3:36)
8. The Sistine Chapel (3:01)
9. The Contessina (2:47)
10. Painting (2:26)
11. The Agony (3:58)
12. MichelangeloÕs Recovery (2:13)
13. Festivity In St. PeterÕs Square (2:07)
14. Julius In The Garden (1:23)
15. Back To St. PeterÕs (:56)
16. The War (2:06)
17. The Battle Field (1:58)
18. New Cardinal (2:00)
19. MichelangeloÕs Magnificent Achievement and Finale (2:39)
20. To Work, My Son (Finale) (1:05)

Bonus Track:
21. Mountain Scene (3:37)
Music Composed and Conducted by Alex North