The Accidental Tourist - Complete Score - John Williams

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By 1988 John WilliamsÕs name was practically synonymous with the modern-day Lucas/Spielberg blockbuster. However, Williams had provided excellent scores for films in a wide variety of genres, including intimate dramas such as the similarly themed Pete ÔnÕ Tillie (1972). Any critic who marveled at WilliamsÕs ÒsuddenÓ mastery of understatement and subtlety in The Accidental Tourist was clearly an idiot.
WilliamsÕs score for The Accidental Tourist relies on a single theme, albeit one comprised of three parts: an A theme for the main character (often played by piano), a syncopated B theme, and a four-note motive derived (often for French horns) from the opening phrase of the A theme. The orchestra is relatively small, with a subtle sheen of electronics to convey the emotional detachment of the main character. When the main character finally chooses to follow his heart, WilliamsÕs musical catharsis is remarkable in its emotional flowering while remaining faithful to the understated approach of the picture.
The Accidental Tourist was one of the first John Williams soundtracks to appear on CD, and one of the last to be issued on vinyl. Both formats went out of print and the CD has become a high-priced collectorÕs item. FSM reissues the original album program (which was thoughtfully assembled for listening purposes and comprised almost all of the score), remastered from the original Warner Bros. Records tapes and chronicled with new liner notes by Williams authority Jeff EldridgeÑincluding reel and part breakdowns of the component cue
Track Listing
1. Main Title (02:23)
2. Macon Alone (04:42)
3. Trip To London (01:55)
4. The Healing Process (05:10)
5. Fixing The Plumbing On A Rainy Afternoon (03:14)
6. A Second Chance (03:12)
7. Wedding Scene (02:51)
8. Back With Sarah (04:04)
9. Bedroom Conversation (04:33)
10. Rose And Julian (02:08)
11. A New Beginning (03:27)
12. End Credits (Second Chance) (03:13)