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Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines – 2 x Disc DVD Edition – Jonathan Mostow

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Jonathan Mostow
Action & Adventure
Release Year
Collector's Edition, Deleted Title, Director's Cut, Extended Edition, Limited Edition, Widescreen


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A decade has passed since John Connor (Nick Stahl) helped prevent Judgement Day and save mankind from mass destruction. Now 22, Connor lives “off the grid” ? no home, no credit cards, no cell phone and no job. No record of his existence. No way can he be traced by Skynet ? the highly developed network of machines that once tried to kill him and wage war on humanity. Until out of the shadows of the future steps the T-X (Kristanna Loken), Skynet?s most sophisticated cyborg killing machine yet. Sent back through time to complete the job left unfinished by her predecessor, the T-1000, this machine is as relentless as her human guise is beautiful.

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