Terminator 2 Judgement Day – Original Score – Brad Fiedel


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The soundtrack has been unavailable for sometime and this new remastered edition includes notes from the composer. Created on two Fairlight CMIs with additional orchestration, Brad FiedelÕs atmospheric score often blurs the lines between ÒmusicÓ and sound effects and perfectly complements the visuals. Since the early 90s FiedelÕs experimental score has had a great impact on a new generation of up and coming film composers. Brad FiedelÕs musical success lies predominantly within the action and thriller genres. In the 80s he was in the vanguard of using electronic instruments and synthesizers in film scores and his filmography includes The Terminator, The Accused, Fright Night, The Big Easy, True Lies and Johnny Mnemonic.
Track Listing
1. Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme)
2. Sarah On The Run
3. Escape From The Hospital (And T1000)
4. Desert Suite
5. SarahÕs Dream (Nuclear Nightmare)
6. Attack On Dyson (SarahÕs Solution)
7. Our Gang Goes To Cyberdyne
8. ÒTrust MeÓ
9. John & Dyson Into Vault
10. SWAT Team Attacks
11. ÒIÕll Be BackÓ
12 Helicopter Chase
13. Tanker Chase
14 ÒHasta La Vista, BabyÓ (T1000 Freezes)
15. Into The Steel Mill
16. CameronÕs Inferno
17. Terminator Impaled
18. Terminator Revives
19. T1000 Terminated
20. ÒItÕs OverÓ (ÒGood-ByeÓ)

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