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Terminator 2 - 5 x T800 Terminators - 1/32 Scale Model - Limited Edition - Pegasus Hobbies

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1:32 Terminator T-800 Figure & Diorama Set

The Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator was sent by Skynet in 2029 to Los Angeles in 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, the future mother of John Connor, the leader of the future human Resistance. It was the first of the Infiltrators sent back on assassination missions by Skynet, and is arguably the single most significant Terminator unit.
  • 5 1:32nd scale T-800 Terminators
  • Authentic diorama base
  • Perfect for creating battle scenes with PEG9015 & PEG9016
  • Requires assembly, glue and paints