Telefon / Hide In Plain Sight – Complete Score – Limited 3000 – Lalo Schifrin / Leonard Rosenman (OUT OF PRINT)


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Schifrin’s music relies instead on carefully inflicted motives (à la Bernard Herrmann) and a vaguely Russian harmonic and melodic basis—reinforced by prominent use of a cimbalom in the orchestration—to provide atmosphere and a sense of menace where appropriate. The original multi-track recordings of Telefon do not survive, but FSM has created a convincing stereo image from a ½” three-track monaural mix preserved by the studio.
Leonard Rosenman composed a relatively brief score for the film, of which Caan ultimately used only four cues (two of which are source music), retaining Rosenman’s soaring, lyrical theme for Hacklin’s relationship with his children (including the touching finale), while eliminating the more dramatic, suspense oriented material. This FSM CD reveals for the first time the much broader range of Rosenman’s effort since it includes all the music the composer recorded for the picture, newly remixed from ½” three-track stereo masters
Main Title 3:07
If That Is So 1:05
Remember Nikulin 2:41
Dalchimsky/Remember Sobolev/Winter in Moscow 3:08
KGB Headquarters 1:35
Memorizing Montage/Father Diller 1:46
The Outer Leaf/Plotting in the Dark 0:52
I Killed for You 1:23
Remember Guriyeva/Detonating Device 7:20
Phone Booth/A Question of Credibility 1:24
Callender 2:10
After the Explosion 0:44
Lucky Girl 2:40
Remember Melikyan 1:25
The Woods Are Lovely/The Purse 1:54
Ten More Miles/End Credits 2:15
Cartoon Source 2:27
Total Time: 38:34
Hide in Plain Sight
Music Composed and Conducted by Leonard Rosenman
Untouchables (TV Source) 1:01
Flipper (TV Source) 1:15
Let’s Go 1:47
Followed on the Freeway 4:05
Maz’s Car 0:57
Tom Hides 1:31
Finale 7:31
Trailer 2:10
Teaser 1:23
Total Time: 22:01

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