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Take Her, She's Mine – Expanded Score – Limited Edition – Jerry Goldsmith

Deluxe Edition, Import, Limited Edition
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Jerry Goldsmith
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World premiere release of early-ish Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack! 20th Century Fox releases, James Stewart, Sandra Dee, Audrey Meadows, John McGiver star, Nunnally Johnson scripts, Henry Koster directs. Jerry Goldsmith delivers his debut score for a big screen comedy and just his second feature as his famed relationship with the legendary Fox studio gets underway. Told in flashback, Stewart and Meadows send their daughter Dee off to college. Misadventures follow. Older boys, including appearances from Jim Nabors, Bob Denver, fanciful flights to Paris, arrest at a Chinese brothel, costume masquerade aboard a riverboat, romance with an artist from France, the wild imagination of Jimmy Stewart, all afford the composer wonderful opportunities to flex his burgeoning melodic gifts in (then) mod swinging fashion. Comic touches meld with jazz melds with snappy tunes… and music for young lovers. Fox created the marketing tagline, “There comes a time in every father’s life… when his baby becomes a babe” and Goldsmith stays in tune with a wink and a smile courtesy his bright orchestral score. Every brass and woodwind instrument gets a spotlight: tuba, trombone (open and muted), flute, trumpet (muted and open), French horn, piccolo, a trio of bassoons… all supported by strings where appropriate… and getting special attention of its own: calliope. A tuneful joy! Jerry Goldsmith launches with chimes, percussion, tuba and calliope, in a distinct foreshadow of his later The Trouble With Angels score, and like that wonderful effort, allows gimmicks galore to surround lovely melodies. Just one of many highlights: tender version of primary theme on accordion with gentle vibraphone, strings to embellish during “Young Lovers”. Another highlight: “Paris Drivers” offers snippets of young lovers theme but surrounds them with busy, frenzied orchestral activity. Still more wild pizz zazz arrives in allegro vivo manner with “False Arrest”. This is the last of the “Goldsmith at Fox” scores to be released, for many years determined to be lost to the ages. Thanks to ace producing talents of Mike Matessino and restoration gifts of Chris Malone, almost the entire score appears in bright, crisp and very wide stereo with superb audio, orchestral gimmicks to the fore! Since the 32-minute score allowed for ample room, enthusiasts can also enjoy the identical program in mono for a more traditional sound in keeping with the original mono film presentations. Take your pick! John Takis provides informative notes, Kay Marshall designs colorful booklet featuring original 1963 film artwork. Recorded in August 1963 at 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage, orchestrations by Arthur Morton, music composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.

Track Listing

01. Take Her, She’s Mine (Main Title) (1:59)
02. Art Lesson (1:09)
03. Campus March (2:40)
04. The Telegram (0:27)
05. Late Reading (1:47)
06. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (0:53)
07. My Little Girl In Paris (1:34)
08. Young Lovers (1:42)
09. Paris Drivers (1:28)
10. Night Visit (2:02)
11. False Arrest (2:08)
12. Plaisir D’Amour (1:06)
13. Take Her, She’s Mine (Waltz Arrangement) (2:58)
14. Problem Parents (1:19)
15. The Flea Picker (0:57)
16. The Emperor’s Lost Pants (2:00)
17. Mollie’s Farewell (1:06)
18. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Mack Gordon and Harry Warren) (1:16)
19. Jerry’s Baby (1:34)
20. Twistin’ Baby (1:30

21. Take Her, She’s Mine (Main Title) (1:59)
22. Art Lesson (1:09)
23. Campus March (2:40)
24. The Telegram (0:27)
25. Late Reading (1:47)
26. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (0:53)
27. My Little Girl In Paris (1:34)
28. Young Lovers (1:42)
29. Paris Drivers (1:28)
30. Night Visit (2:02)
31. False Arrest (2:08)
32. Plaisir D’Amour (1:06)
33. Take Her, She’s Mine (Waltz Arrangement) (2:58)
34. Problem Parents (1:19)
35. The Flea Picker (0:57)
36. The Emperor’s Lost Pants (2:00)
37. Mollie’s Farewell (1:06)
38. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Mack Gordon and Harry Warren) (1:16)
39. Jerry’s Baby (1:34)
40. Twistin’ Baby (1:30)

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