Superman - 2 x CD Complete Score - Limited Edition - John Williams

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Released during the era of leisure suits and pet rocks, the film Superman: The Movie has aged about as well. But the often clumsy charms of Richard Donner's cartoonish, hit-and-miss take on the Man of Steel was blessed with at least one superlative artistic effort: John Williams's epic score. The composer's Oscar-nominated music (coming on the heels of Star Wars and Close Encounters) was a wall-to-wall heroic symphony, rife with memorable melodies and ominous arrangements. Almost every original cut on this soundtrack appears in an expanded version, supplemented by nearly a dozen previously unreleased cues and alternate takes. This is the definitive release of one of Maestro Williams's greatest scores.

Track Listing
Disc 1
1 Prelude And Main Title March
2 The Planet Krypton
3 Destruction of Krypton
4 Star Ship Escapes
5 The Trip to Earth
6 Growing Up
7 Death Of Jonathan Kent
8 Leaving Home
9 The Fortress of Solitude
10 Welcome To Metropolis
11 Lex Luthor's Lair
12 The Big Rescue
13 Super Crime Fighter
14 Super Rescues
15 Luthor's Luau (Bonus Track)
16 The Planet Krypton (Bonus Track)
17 Main Title March (Bonus Track)

Disc 2
1 Superman March
2 The March of the Villains
3 The Terrace
4 The Flying Sequence
5 Lois And Clark
6 Crime of the Century
7 Sonic Greeting
8 Misguided Missiles And Kryptonite
9 Chasing Rockets
10 Supefeats
11 Super Dam And Finding Lois
12 Turning Back the World
13 Finale And End Title March
14 Love Theme from Superman
15 Can You Read My Mind (Bonus Track)
16 The Flying Sequence/Can You Read My Mind (Bonus Track)
17 Can You Read My Mind (Bonus Track)
18 Theme From Superman (Bonus Track)