Summertime Killer – Complete – Orange Vinyl – Limited Edition – Luis Bacalov


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Summertime Killer – Complete Score – Orange Vinyl – Limited Edition – Luis Bacalov



* Contains the complete 1973 original motion picture score, including the title track featured in Tarantino’s film KILL BILL 2
* This is the first 12′ vinyl reissue after more than 40 years, featuring extra tracks
* Features beautiful gatefold sleeve, and insert with rare photos and extensive liner notes
* 180gram heavy weight vinyl on black & limited splatter color
THE SUMMERTIME KILLER (aka TARGET REMOVED – RICATTO ALLA MALA – UN VERANO PARA MATAR), a crime movie and a love story, was directed in 1972 by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi and starred Christopher Mitchum, Karl Malden, Olivia Hussey and Claudine Auger among others. Academy Award winning composer Luis Bacalov wrote the score which perfectly reflects the core of the plot, with a strong mix of love and death. The composer alternates dramatically suspenseful score with ‘source music’ in the form of ballad, rock music and dance floor tunes, usually heard through a car radio or a jukebox typical of the 60’s – 70’s cinema. Remastered from original stereo master tapes.
THE SUMMERTIME KILLER (aka TARGET REMOVED – RICATTO ALLA MALA – UN VERANO PARA MATAR) was directed and produced in 1972 by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi. This motion picture was financed by three countries, Italy, Spain and France, but the main location chosen by the production was Spain, more specifically the area of Entrepeñas lake in the Province of Guadalajara, central Spain, the area of Torrejón de Ardoz US Air Base and the Torres Blancas Building in Madrid which represented a very fine example of modern architecture in those days. Other important location in the movie is placed in the Plaza de Toros de las ventas in Madrid where director Isasi-Isasmendi shot an important scene of the movie. The most memorable scene is without a doubt the one pictured in the poster art, the main star riding a motorbike chased by gangsters and the location was a very fascinating place, the M30: Madrid’s main ring road. According to the memoirs of director Isasi-Isasmendi (issued on his book Memorias tras la cámara’) he had an intention to cast Kirk Douglas as the main star, but it never happened due the high guarantee requested by the Hollywood actor. Another candidate was Richard Widmark, but in the end the veteran actor Karl Malden accepted the role of the police officer John Kiley. The young stars in the film were: Olivia Hussey with Argentinian roots who was an important star at the time, following the international success of Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet’ in 1968, Chris Mitchum, son of the Hollywood star Robert Mitchum. Again according to the director’s memoirs Chris Mitchum was chosen more for his ability as motorbiker and athletic shape than for his acting skills. THE SUMMERTIME KILLER has all the elements of the noir with the couple of young lovers escaping, the veteran police officer who’s doing the investigation and spectacular acrobatic action scenes: for the close shots on the motorbike Chris Mitchum was really riding it, but for the most risky sequences the great stuntman Rèmy Juienne (of James Bond fame) was involved. The movie was well distributed around the world with 40 copies in the US territory, and it was a good success after all for a 1972 Spanish production. This motion picture brought its director various awards and it became an hit in Europe, USA and especially in Japan. And 32 years later Quentin Tarantino, a huge fan of European Cinema and Film Music wanted pay tribute to this movie by using one theme from the Bacalov-penned soundtrack in KILL BILL VOL.2′. Argentine born composer Luis Enrique Bacalov (Buenos Aires, 1933) worked mostly in Italy during the sixties and the seventies writing scores for famous movies like westerns DJANGO’ (1966) and IL GRANDE DUELLO’ (1972) (later explored again musically by Tarantino respectively for DJANGO UNCHAINED’ in 2012 and for KILL BILL VOL.1′ in 2003) and working with some of the most famous Italian directors like Pasolini, Lizzani, Di Leo (his score for MILANO CALIBRO 9′ remains one of his best soundtrack efforts.)
Track Listing
Side A
A1:    Run And Run
A2:    Like A Play
A3:    The Summertime Killer
A4:    Motorcycle Circus
Side B
B1:    Lisboa’s Tram
B2:    The House On The Lake
B3:    Like A Play
B4:    Run And Run


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