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Street Trash - DVD - Uncut - Region 2 - Jim Muro

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The ultimate melt movie!
ItÕs not hearts that melt when New YorkÕs tramps fall in love with a beverage called Viper, itÕs whole bodies in this gore-drenched shocker that does for alcohol what The Driller Killer did for power tools!
An unscrupulous liquor store owner steadily wipes out his cityÕs homeless with lethal booze that melts anyone who consumes it into oblivion! Can a dedicated cop uncover the truth before a seemingly unavoidable hobo holocaust?
Street trash has endured decades of repression at the hands of scissor-happy censors but its gung-ho melt-tastic outlandishness has afforded it a steady cult following since its release, and is presented here restored and uncut.
  • The Meltdown Memoirs
  • Jane Arakawa Feature
  • Exclusive 15 page booklet including √ï42nd Street Trash: The Making of the Melt by Calum Waddell including colour stills