Straw Dogs - Complete Score - Jerry Fielding

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Wow! At last! Intense, complex Academy Award-nominated Jerry Fielding soundtrack for legendary Sam Peckinpah exploration of mathematician (Dustin Hoffman) driven to violence after wife (Susan George) is raped gets world premiere release. After THE WILD BUNCH for same director, this is arguably composer's most important work. Long sought but steeped in complex licensing, Intrada is proud to offer world premiere release of complete score in stereo from original session masters stored in mint condition, courtesy of ABC. Incredible work opens with deceptively simple fanfare for brass, then moves into deeper territory, becomes challenging, ultimately violent. In stroke of brilliance, when all is said and done, Fielding returns to subtle variant of opening brass fanfare as score descends into total blackness. Incredible finish to genuine masterpiece! Liner notes by Peckinpah/Fielding authority Nick Redman plus iconic - and charged - cover artwork complete this great package. Jerry Fielding conducts. Intrada Special Collection limited to 2000 copies! SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
01. Prologue 1:08
02. AmyÕs Noise 0:55
03. Math Trick; Playing With The Help;Dinner Time 2:50
04. Peeping Toms 2:28
05. DonÕt Play Games; Window Display 4:33
06. Dead Cat 1:22
07. The Man Trap 4:10
08. Did I Catch You Off Guard? 0:44
09. The Hunting Party 1:47