Starship Troopers – 2 x CD Complete Score – Limited 1000 Copies – Basil Poledouris


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Finally. the most complete version of Basil Poledouris epic sci-fi spectacular score to Paul Verhoeven’s classic. Starship Troopers. Released in 1997. this was way ahead of its time in visual effects and make up and ranked as a personal favourite amoung fans. Poledouris wrote again a superb score truley empowering the movie with the military theme and drama. This special edition 2CD release contains the entire score. including segments not heard in the movie. Complete with full colour booklet and liner notes.
Track Listing

01. Federal Network Intro
02. An Ugly Planet
03. Psychic Abilities
04. Football Game
05. Friends Vow
06. Carmen’s Departure
07. Fed Net #2
08. Rico’s Communication
09. Carmen’s Shuttle Flight
10. Ticonderoga Departure
11. Wargames
12. A Message From Carmen
13. Live Fire Exercise
14. Punishment Asteroid Grazing
15. Tragedy at Buenos Aires
16. Fed Net #3
17. Klendathu Drop
18. Fed Net #4
19. Return To Base
20. A New Unit
21. Rasczak’s Roughnecks
22. Tango Urilla
23. Fun Order
24. Rico & Dizzy
25. Hopper Canyon
26. The Compound
27. Bugs!! (Film Version)
28. Whiskey Outpost Rescue
29. Dizzy’s Death
30. Dizzy’s Funeral

01. Rico’s Roughnecks
02. Destruction of Roger Young
03. Bug City
04. Brain Bug
05. They Will Win
06. End Credits
07. Return to Base (Extended)
08. Bugs!! (Alternate)
09. Whiskey Outpost Rescue (Alternate)
10. A Kiss in the Park (Unused)
11. Radio Shack (Unused)
12. Strafing Run (Unused)
13. Friends Vow (Extended)
14. Into It
15. Have Not Been To Paradise
16. Intense
17. Starship Troopers Suite

Total Time : (120:43)

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