Stargate SG-1 - 2 x CD Complete Series Score - Limited Edition - Richard Band

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World premiere, in depth look at Richard Band music for highly successful MGM TV series Stargate SG-1! Adaptation by Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright of exciting 1994 sci-fi fantasy film from Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich became phenomenally popular television series lasting ten seasons and spawning two spinoffs. Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge star. Stories themselves followed film plot about large, circular Egyptian artifact serving as gateway to another world, eventually creating new characters and developing story elements of its own over the ten year run. Richard Band scored several episodes across the first two seasons in 1997 & 1998. Using a compositional palette of synthesizers augmented by small instrumental ensembles, Band fashioned evocative sci-fi soundscapes with a degree of symphonic architecture. Melodies both haunting, dramatic trade with exciting action cues, militaristic percussion sequences. BandÕs harmonic vocabulary melds rich, highly accessible chordal ideas with intense, aggressive vernacular to create unusually wide range of material. Intrada 2-CD release, mastered from two-track digital scoring session mixes, courtesy MGM, features not just brief excerpts but fully-developed ÒsuitesÓ from three separate episodes plus entire finale written for a fourth program that otherwise did not feature further original Richard Band music. ÒCold LazarusÓ from Season One introduces Band to the series with a dramatic tale involving crystalline alien life forms, painful memories revived, an alien planet environment and profuse action leading to a moving finale. Band captures all of it in his 37-minutes score. ÒIn The Line Of DutyÓ, from Season Two, offers story elements with an alien planet under attack, rescues and moving earthbound drama. Band provides dynamic action material, lyrical love music and haunting mysticism in his half-hour score. ÒThe SerpentÕs LairÓ, opening Season Two, offers pulsating action music for a pending GoaÕuld warship invasion of planet earth. ÒSingularityÓ, from Season One, introduces young Cassandra, sole plague survivor of an alien planet. Band creates a beautiful theme that trades with suspenseful ideas for the discovery a bomb inside the girl plus dramatic material for surgery scenes intended to save her from an explosive demise. Additional rewarding highlights of the scores are moving and dramatic interpolations of original Stargate themes composed by David Arnold for the 1994 feature, often heard as episode finales. Informative notes by Jeff Bond feature inside booklet, original MGM series artwork features in Òflipper-styleÓ cover design by Kay Marshall. Richard Band composes, orchestrates.

Track Listing
[CD 1]
01. Teaser (3:42)
02. Is It Really Jack? (3:53)
03. Jack At Ex-WifeÕs House (3:25)
04. Jack Visits CharlieÕs Room (3:24)
05. The Crystals (2:14)
06. The Crystal Monitor (2:18)
07. Jack And Wife On Park Bench (3:08)
08. They Re-Activate The Crystal Monitor (2:03)
09. Pushing Back Through Gate To Hospital (3:53)
10. Jack Meets Alien Self And Finale (9:10)
      Total Time: 37:22
11. Teaser (2:50)
12. Medical Time (3:12)
13. OÕNeil Comforts Cassie (3:05)
14. OÕNeil To Burn Victim (0:38)
15. Tilk Gives OÕNeil Advice (2:28)
16. Daniel Talks To Girl Survivor (2:07)
17. Bad Guy Bandages Doc (2:20)
18. Daniel Talks To Alien Carter (2:26)
19. Finale Ð Daniel And Then Others Visit (10:11)
      Total Time: 29:36
      CD 1 Total Time: 67:01

[CD 2]
01. Finale (8:50)
      Total Time: 8:54)
02. Teaser (3:34)
03. From Stargate To New World (2:36)
04. Sam With Girl And Back Through Gate (2:49)
05. Sam And Little Girl Get Closer (2:58)
06. Heart Attack And Operation (3:36)
07. Jack And Teale Escaping Battle (4:22)
08. To The Underground Site (2:35)
09. Time Is Up And Finale (8:26)
      Total Time: 31:04
      CD 2 Total Time: 40:01