Star Wars The Phantom Menace - 2 x CD Expanded Score - Special Edition - John Williams


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John Williams first offering and in many ways. the best of the second trilogy. The Phantom Menace. Williams finally returns to Star Wars after a 13 year pause. This exciting & symphonic score simply proved Williams was the master when it came to reinforcing such a timeless franchise. This 2CD Special Edition showcases the score in a new light. including many cues never released & outtakes ommited from the original Sony release. Limited Stock!
Track Listing
Disc 1
01 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02 Star Wars Main Title / Dispatching The Ambassadors
03 Death Warrant For The Jedi
04 The Invasion Of Naboo
05 Otoh Gunga
06 Journey Through The Planet Core
07 Darth Sidious
08 Attack Of The Sea Monster / Arriving At Theed
09 Rescuing The Queen
10 Escape From Naboo
11 The Phantom Menace
12 Arrival At Tatooine
13 Mos Espa / A Fateful Meeting
14 Meeting Sebulba / Anakin’s Droid
15 The Sith
16 Talk Of Podracing
17 Anakin’s Destiny
18 Podracing Arrangements
19 The Flag Parade / The Race Begins
20 Anakin vs. Sebulba
21 The Race Is Won
22 Mos Eisley Street Singer
23 Letting Go / Attack Of The Sith
24 Palpatine. Senator Of Naboo
25 Before The Jedi Council
26 The Senate Chamber
27 Qui-Gon Takes On A New Apprentice
Disc 2
01 Return To Naboo
02 An Alliance Is Formed
03 Battle Plans
04 The Gungan Army Advances
05 The Battle Begins
06 Duel Of The Fates
07 Close To Defeat
08 The Tide Turns
09 Funeral Of A Jedi Master
10 Naboo Parade Finale
11 End Credits
12 Album Introduction
13 The Phantom Menace [Music Video]
14 Dark Forces Conspire [Introduction]
15 [Bonus Track]: Dark Forces Conspire
16 A Hero Rises [Introduction]
17 [Bonus Track]: A Hero Rises
18 Duel Of The Fates
19 Duel Of The Fates [Music Video]
20 Anakin’s Theme
21 The Trade Federation
22 Desert Winds
23 The Phantom Menace Orchestral Suite
24 Album Finish

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