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Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith - Original Score + DVD - John Williams

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John Williams' lovely and moving score for the sixth Star Wars film brings thirty years of collaborating on George LucasÕ beyond-popular intergalactic franchise to a close. (Is this really the end of Star Wars? CanÕt Lucas and Williams work together on a prequel to these prequels? Let us hope so, and that Jar Jar Binks is nowhere near it.) As this music accompanies the most exciting Star Wars film in many a moon, the soundtrack itself is more fun, more evil, more nasty and bumpy. Many of the heroic, anthemic themes woven throughout Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith will necessarily be familiar to any fan of the series, from the "Imperial March" to the main theme. ItÕs remarkable how stirring the latter can be, no matter how many times youÕve heard it, and even for those who do not have all their money invested in S.W. memorabilia. There is a lot of new music here, and the lush, extensive range of both Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra is on display, most notably in the menacing, percolating "General Grievous" and the rousing "New Hope" end theme

Track Listing

Star Wars Main Title And Battle Over Coruscant Ð 7:31
Anakin's Dream Ð 4:46
Battle of the Heroes √ê 3:42 
Anakin's Betrayal √ê 4:03 
General Grievous Ð 4:07
Palpatine's Teachings Ð 5:25
Grievous And The Droids Ð 3:27
Padm≈Ω's Ruminations - 3:16
Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan Ð 3:57
Anakin's Dark Deeds Ð 4:05
Enter Lord Vader Ð 4:14
The Immolation Scene Ð 2:41
Grievous Speaks To Lord Sidious Ð 2:49
The Birth Of The Twins And PadmŽ's Destiny Ð 3:37
A New Hope And End Credits Ð 13:05