Star Wars A New Hope – 3 x CD Boxset – Special Edition – John Williams


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The most complete edition of John Williams oscar winning score to the original sci-fi spectacular, Star Wars from 1977. Even today this iconic score resonates around the world as instantly reconisable and simply a groundbreaking masterstroke from such a talented composer. The score needs no intorduction, having being released as a double LP, single CD & eventually an expanded 2CD set, this spanish 3CD edition fully encapsulates John Williams timeless composistion. Highly recommended and truly a masterpiece of modern 20th century film music.
Track Listing
CD 1
01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Star Wars Main Title/Imperial Pursuit
03. Boarding The Rebel Blockade Runner
04. Enter Lord Vader
05. Escape Pod/Crashing On The Desert Planet
06. The Dune Sea
07. Jawa Sandcrawler
08. The Moisture Farm
09. Droids For Sale
10. The Princess And The Hologram
11. Binary Sunset
12. Search For R2
13. Attack Of The Sand People
14. Obi-Wan Kenobi
15. The Old Republic
16. Leia’s Plea
17. The Force/Aboard The Death Star
18. Burning Homestead
19. Mos Eisley Spaceport
20. Figrin D’an And The Modal Nodes
21. Mos Eisley Cantina Band
CD 2
01. The Millenium Falcon/Docking Bay 94
02. Escaping Tatooine
03. Destruction Of Alderaan
04. The Death Star
05. Avoiding Capture
06. Mouse Robot/Infiltrating The Death Star
07. Detention Block Ambush
08. Shootout In The Cell Bay
09. Dianoga
10. The Walls Converge
11. The Tractor Beam
12. Fighting The Stormtroopers
13. Chasm Crossfire/Facing Vader
14. Ben Kenobi’s Death/Escaping The Death Star
15. Incoming Fighters
16. Launch From The Fourth Moon
17. X-Wings Draw Fire/Battle Of Yavin
18. Destroying The Death Star
19. Throne Room
20. End Credits
CD 3
01. Album Introduction
02. A New Hope (Music Video)
03. Planet That Is Farthest From [Introduction]
04. Bonus Track: Planet That Is Farthest From
05. An Unlikely Alliance [Introduction]
06. Bonus Track: An Unlikely Alliance
07. A Defender Emerges [Introduction]
08. Bonus Track: A Defender Emerges
09. A Daring Rescue [Introduction]
10. Bonus Track: A Daring Rescue
11. Star Wars Main Title (Complete)
12. Main Title [Take 16]
13. Main Title [Take 17]
14. Main Title [Take 18]
15. Main Title [Take 19]
16. Main Title [Take 20]
17. Throne Room and End Credits (Revenge Of The Sith)
18. Princess Leia’s Theme (Album)
19. Binary Sunset (Album)
20. A New Hope Orchestral Suite
21. The Story Of Episode IV
22. Album Finish


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