Star Trek V The Final Frontier - 2 x CD Complete Score - Limited Edition - Jerry Goldsmith


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For those that missed spectacular limited 2-CD presentation from La-La Land label, Intrada brings powerhouse Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack back as per desire of licensor to see title remain available in ongoing STAR TREK soundtrack series. William Shatner stars, directs fifth feature installment of legendary series, employs familiar original cast in tale of hostages, quest for meaning in life, other ambitious plot ideas. Goldsmith anchors with famed Enterprise theme but ingeniously focuses on incredibly flexible four-note triad-ish motif that plays in all manner of guise: aggressively bowed in low cellos, tentatively played by upper strings, crisply punched by trumpets, elongated by triumphant French horns, so forth. Rich major-key theme for Kirk (“A Busy Man”) adds warmth while pulsating action cues (“Open The Gates”, “Raid On Paradise”, “Let’s Get Out Of Here”) excite! Score also makes terrific use of dynamic theme for Klingons, introduced in first feature. Array of alternates plus remastered presentation of original 1989 soundtrack album round out stunning audio treat, mastered from original digital session elements. All musical content plus liner notes by Trek authority Jeff Bond are identical to earlier 2-CD release. New packaging by Joe Sikoryak brings artwork design in keeping with other Intrada/Film Score Monthly STAR TREK releases. Jerry Goldsmith conducts.
Track Listing
01. Nimbus III (2:01)
02. The Mind-Meld (2:43)
03. The Mountain [Main Title]* (4:53)
04. The Big Drop (0:26)
05. Raid On Paradise (2:43)
06. Not Alone (1:11)
07. Target Practice (1:52)
08. A Tall Ship (1:43)
09. Plot Course (1:46)
10. No Harm (2:13)
11. Approaching Nimbus III (2:59)
12. Open The Gates (3:01)
13. Well Done (1:16)
14. Without Help (4:55)
15. Pick It Up (2:31)
16. No Authority (0:30)
17. It Exists (1:47)
18. Free Minds (3:18)
19. The Birth (3:53)
20. The Barrier* (2:52)
21. A Busy Man (4:41)
22. An Angry God (6:57)
23. Let’s Get Out Of Here [Part 1] (3:42)
24. Let’s Get Out Of Here [Part 2] (3:07)
25. Cosmic Thoughts (1:16)
26. Life Is A Dream [End Credits]* (3:57)
Total Time = 73:07
01. The Mountain* (3:50)
02. The Barrier* (2:51)
03. Without Help (4:18)
04. A Busy Man (4:40)
05. Open The Gates (3:00)
06. An Angry God (6:55)
07. Let’s Get Out Of Here (5:1)
08. Free Minds (3:17)
09. Life Is A Dream* (3:57)
10. The Moon’s A Window
To Heaven- (4:00)
Total Time: 42:22
11. The Mountain [Main Title] (alternate)* (4:45)
12. A Busy Man (alternate) (4:42)
13. Paradise Saloon (source) (2:42)
14. The Moon’s A Window to Heaven (film version) (1:10)
15. Vulcan Song/Row, Row,
Row Your Boat (source) (1:33)
16. Synclavier Effects (1:54)
Total Disc Time = 59:28

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