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Star Trek Insurrection – Original Score – Jerry Goldsmith


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After a successful score to Star Trek: First Contact, Composer Jerry Goldsmith returned once again to score his fourth Star Trek film, Star Trek: Insurrection
“Ba’ku Village” track opens with Alexander Courage’s classic Star Trek fanfare, which segues into Goldsmith’s new theme for the film which is a soft melody for strings, harps, and flutes. This theme occurs again in full form in “Children’s Story”, “The Healing Process”, “New Sight”, and the grand finale “End Credits”. Goldsmith’s action music, which is some of the best action music present in film scoring today is also featured. “Not Functioning” is a rip roaring action cue which features punctuating blasts of brass, dynamic strings, and electronic effects that has become a Goldsmith standard in Star Trek. Other great action cues are found in “The Drones Attack”, “Riker Maneuver”, and “No Threat” which move the score along in a driving fashion. As usual, Goldsmith puts all of the melodies together in “End Credits” to leave you with a positive feeling.
Track Listing
01: Main Titles / Ba’ku Village
02: In Custody
03: Children’s Story
04: Not Functioning
05: New Sight
06: The Drones Attack
07: The Riker Maneuver
08: The Same Race
09: No Threat
10: The Healing Process
11: End Credits

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