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Star Trek (2009) - Original Score - Michael Giacchino

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All in all, this is very impressive achievement from Giacchino, whose stock in Hollywood seems to be rising by the day. ItÕs clearly a notch behind the classic early Goldsmith and Horner scores, which are likely never to be bettered, but itÕs also a significant improvement on the more recent Goldsmith TNG movie scores, and leagues ahead of anything Leonard Rosenman or Dennis McCarthy wrote for the franchise. The directness of the theme, the excitement of the action music, and the overall sense of energy and life makes it a thoroughly enjoyable listening experiences.

Track Listing

Star Trek (1:03)
NailinÕ the Kelvin (2:09)
Labor of Love (2:51)
Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
Enterprising Young Men (2:39)
Nero Sighted (3:23)
Nice to Meld You (3:13)
Run and Shoot Offense (2:04)
Does It Still McFy? (2:03)
Nero Death Experience (5:38)
Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:34)
Back From Black (0:59)
That New Car Smell (4:46)
To Boldly Go (0:26)
End Credits (9:11)