Star Trek 15 x CD Original Series - Complete Series Boxset - Limited 6000 Copies - Sol Kaplan

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La-La Land Records proudly announces its forthcoming release of STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, a limited edition 15-CD box set, showcasing all episode scores as heard in all three original seasons of the landmark sci-fi television series STAR TREK (1966-1969). This special collection of ground-breaking, iconic music, from one of televisionÕs most acclaimed and beloved series, has been newly remastered from studio elements and features hours of stellar material previously unreleased in any format. Original series composers Alexander Courage, George Duning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore and Fred Steiner are all represented in this deluxe collection, their historic work meticulously assembled, restored and remastered to ensure the finest presentation and sound quality possible. A 100-Page CD Booklet, featuring exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer and Star Trek historian Jeff Bond, complements this attractive set, which is housed in a hardcover slipcase.The set has one disc clamshell case for each season. Each season gets its own 32-page booklet of liner notes. There will also be an additional 24-page overview booklet.
Track Listing
The Cage
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #1, Recorded 1/21/65
Main Title* M10 1:00
Dr. Bartender M11 1:23
Survivors M21 1:45
Prime Specimen/Bottled M22Ð30/M31 5:08
Probing/Monster Illusion/Monster Fight/The Kibitzers M41/M42/M43/M44 5:40
Long Look/Vina's Punishment M45/M51 2:02
Pike's Punishment M52 0:36
The Picnic M53 2:17
True Love M61 1:24
Vina's Dance M62 1:56
Torchy Girl/Under the Spell/Primitive Thoughts M63/M71/M72 1:10
Wrong Think M73 0:43
To Catch a T. M74 1:24
Going Up M75 1:10
Max's Factor M81 2:12
Who Was Eve & End Credits* M82 1:32
Total Time: 32:01
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Where No Man Has Gone Before
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #2, Recorded 11/29/65
Aired #3, 9/22/66
Beyond the Pale (No Man Before)/Main Title M11/M12 1:06
Act 1 Card M13 0:37
Episode Titles M14 1:23
Force Field/Silver Orbs (Zooms Past) M15Ð20/M21 4:06
Crippled Ship M22 0:56
The Patient/Speedy Reader M23/M24 1:49
Some Corpse M31 2:21
Decision/Playtime/Megalomania/Stronger and Stronger/Hit the Button M32/M41/M42/M43/M44 3:03
On Delta Vega/Strangle by Wire M51/M52 1:14
When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver M53 1:01
Instant Paradise M54 2:56
Power Mad/Situation Grave/Epilogue M61/M62/M63 6:09
End Title M64 0:23
End Credits M65 0:21
Total Time: 27:58
Total Disc Time: 60:06

The Man Trap
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #6, Recorded 8/19/66
Aired #1, 9/8/66
Main Title* (electric violin version) 0:50
Small Planet Visit/The Changeling M10/M11 3:26
Episode Titles/Genuine Affection M12/M13 0:59
First Goner/Salty Cat/Dressing Down M14Ð21/M22/M23 1:52
Circle One/Monitor Gizzard/Down Again/Grey to Greene M24/M25/M26/M31 3:16
Salt Chaser M32 1:34
Noisy Plant M33 1:05
At First Sight/Pill Tosser M34/M35Ð41 2:52
Nancy Schmancy M42 1:54
The Unreal McCoy M43 2:02
Top Security/Lazer Dazer/Dodo Girl M44/M45Ð51/M52 4:02
Conference M53 4:47
Dead Crater/Last of the Last M54/M61 4:13
Warp One* M62 0:43
Trailer ("The Man Trap") 1:02
Total Time: 35:15
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
The Naked Time
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #7, Recorded 8/31/66
Aired #4, 9/29/66
Brass Monkeys*/Out of Glove M10/M11 2:58
Breaking Planet*/Sweaty Palm/Itchy Hand M12/M13/M14 1:20
Joe Berserk M21 3:01
Pulled Down*/It Spreads M22/M23 1:12
Joe Goes/Sulu Finks Out M24/M31 1:00
Up the Rebels/D'Artagnan-san M32/M33 3:09
Banana Farm M34 2:11
Out of Control/Lurch Time/Punchy Kid M41/M42/M43 1:48
Party Time M44 1:34
Medicine Girl/Hot Skin M45Ð51/M52 4:29
Off the Cloud M53 1:06
Captain's Wig M54Ð61 4:01
The Big Go M62 2:42
Time Reverse*/Future Risk and End Title* M63/M64 1:45
Trailer ("Mudd's Women") 1:02
End Title* (electric violin version) 0:46
Total Time: 34:44
Total Disc Time: 70:07
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

Charlie X
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #8, Recorded 8/29/66
Aired #2, 8/15/66
Main Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) 0:51
Space Orbit+/Charlie X/That's a Girl M10/M11+M11S/M12+M12 chimes 1:20
Kirk's Command/Charlie's Mystery/Charlie's Gift M13/M14+M14S/M15Ð20 3:03
Card Tricks M22 1:40
Zap the Antares/Kirk Is Worried M23+M23S/M24 0:46
Kirk's Command #2/Chess Game M31/M32+M32S 1:33
Charlie's Yen M33 1:04
Kirk Puzzled M34 0:51
Zap Sam/Zap the Pistol M41/M42 1:37
Standoff M43 1:12
Kirk Waits/Charlie in Control M44/M45 1:08
Charlie's Mad M51 1:10
Zap Janice M52 0:56
Zap the Cap M53 1:32
Zap the Spaceship M54 1:26
Zap the Broad/Charlie's Friend M55/M61 2:02
Goodbye Charlie/Finale+ M62/M63 1:50
Total Time: 24:40
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
+Based on a Theme by Alexander Courage
Mudd's Women
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #4, Recorded 9/7/66
Aired #6, 10/13/66
Distant Spaceship/Hint of Danger M11/M12 0:55
Still in Danger/Meet Mr. Mudd/Three Venuses M13/M14/M15 1:58
Venus Walks/Hello Girls M16/M21 1:29
Venus Aboard/Exit Mr. Mudd/Venus Aboard #2/Strange Glances/The Last Crystal/Mudd Laffs M22/M23/M24/M24A/M31/M32 2:50
Hello Ruth M33 1:03
Eve to Magda/Mudd Plan/Mudd's Perfidy M34Ð41/M42/M43 1:07
The Venus Drug/Dwindling Power M44/M45 3:02
Planet Rigel M51 0:43
Space Radio M52 2:45
Planet Rigel #2/Eve Is Out M53/M54 1:19
Eve Cooks/Eve Is Tired/Pretty Eve M55/M56Ð61/M62 3:
Mudd's Farewell/Back in Orbit+ M63/M64 1:20
Total Time: 22:01
+Based on a Theme by Alexander Courage
The Corbomite Maneuver
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #3, Recorded 9/20/66
Aired #10, 11/10/66
Space Cube/Condition Alert M12/M13 1:22
Quiet Cube/Radiation M12A/M23A 1:10
Cube Radiation M23 1:20
Fesarius/Fesarius Approaches M31/M31A 2:06
Hideous Balok M33 0:27
Baby Balok M61A 0:35
Total Time: 7:11
Balance of Terror
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #9, Recorded 9/20/66
Aired #14, 12/15/66
The Enterprise/In the Chapel+ M11/M11A 1:23
Romulan Agitato 9MB 0:58
Romulan B.G. 9MC 0:41
Romulan Theme M22 0:56
Theme From Star Trek*/Romulan Warship/Romulan Theme 9MA pt 4/M31/M22A tk 3 0:56
Romulan Centurion M43 0:32
Total Time: 5:35
What Are Little Girls Made Of
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #10, Recorded 9/20/66
Aired #7, 10/20/66
Big Ruk M17A/M17/M17B 0:56
Meet Andrea/Android Kirk M22/M22A/M42 1:10
Ruk Protect/Ruk Attacks M43/M43A 3:18
Ruk Attacks/Enter Andrea M43AB/M54 1:47
End Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) 0:45
Desilu I.D. (Wilbur Hatch) 0:04
Total Time: 8:11
Total Disc Time: 68:04
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
+Contains "Long, Long Ago" by Thomas Haynes Baly and "Bridal Chorus" by Richard Wagner
The Enemy Within
Music Composed and Conducted by Sol Kaplan
Episode #5, Recorded 9/14/66
Aired #5, 10/6/66
The Rock Slide*/Beam Up*/The Evil Kirk M11/M12/M13 1:11
Alter Ego* M14 1:00
The Tired Captain* M15 0:42
Brandy M16 0:48
The Lascivious Captain M17Ð21 2:37
Bruised Knuckles/An Impostor M22/M23 1:34
Kirk's Log*/Indecisive/Evil Fury M24/M31/M32 2:47
Confrontation M33 2:17
The Prone Body*/Shivering Sulu*/No Repair M34Ð41/M42/M43 0:37
What to Do * M44 0:42
Another Brandy/The Evil Grin/Double Dog Death* M45/M46/M51 1:24
Spock Takes Over*/Help Me* M52/M53 2:03
Evil Triumphs M54Ð61 1:05
Two Into One* M62 2:18
One Captain Kirk*/Thank You, Yeoman* M63/M64 1:19
Total Time: 22:58
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
The Conscience of the King
Music Composed and Conducted by Joseph Mullendore
Episode #13, Recorded 11/2/66
Aired #13, 12/8/66
Dagger Sweet'ner/Go for Baroque/Play-Off #1 M11A/M11/M12 1:26
Spaceship Titles*/Dr. Leighton's Face/Bridge #1* M13/M14/M15 1:11
Quasi-Sex* (Theme From Star Trek, jazz version; Courage/Roddenberry, arr. Mullendore) LM5 1:37
Lenore M16Ð21 1:45
Kirk and Lenore*/He's Dead M22/M23 1:42
Spaceship*/5 Sex and a 1/2 Play-Off #2* M24/M25/M26 1:10
Spaceship Play-On*/Toast and Corridor*/Lenore's Kiss/Short Bridge M27/M31/M32/M33 2:31
Beyond Antares (Wilbur Hatch; vocal: Nichelle Nichols) MV1R 2:36
Poison M41 0:37
Play-On #2*/Quick Ship*/Phaser Overload M42/M43/M44 1:39
Kodos /Voice Test M45/M46 1:33
Everything Is Later*/Play-Off #3* M51/M52 1:52
Ship Play-On*/Woodwind Fanfare/Reilly Gone M53/M54/M55 1:09
Go for Baroque M11 (M56) 1:25
I Know That Voice/All Ghosts Dead M57/M58Ð61 3:02
Opheliamania*/Bridge #2*/Last Cue* M62/M63/M64 3:01
Total Time: 28:51
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Shore Leave
Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
Episode #17, Recorded 12/2/66
Aired #15, 12/29/66
New Planet/Rabbit Music M10A/10B 2:21
School Chum/Finnegan M23/M23A 1:40
2nd Ruth (Ruth) M31A 2:38
Old English/Tiger/Costume/Birds/Samurai M33/M33A/M33B/M34/M34A 3:51
Knight/Joust M41/M41A 1:27
Dummy/Like Real M43/M44 0:56
A Clue/Finnegan's Return/The Leg Trick/Dirt Trick M45Ð50 Pt. 1/M45Ð50 Pt. 2/M51/M53 4:34
Tiger Thoughts/Strafing/2nd Samurai/Caretaker/Lazarus M55Ð60/M55Ð60A/M55Ð60B/M61/M62 2:02
2nd Ruth/Ruth to Commercial (2nd Ruth) M31A/M24B 0:49
Total Time: 20:34
Total Disc Time: 72:36
The City on the Edge of Forever
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Interpolating "Goodnight, Sweetheart" by Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly and Ray Noble
Episode #28, Recorded 3/24/67
Aired #28, 4/6/67
Main Title* (cello version; Courage/Roddenberry, arr. Steiner) 0:52
2006 Recording Conducted and Produced by Gregory Smith
New York 1930 M26Ð30+M26Ð30B 1:37
Edith's Theme M33 1:25
Edith Suspects M43 1:20
Goodnight, Sweetheart (vocal)+ M44 1:28
Edith's Fate/Edith Must Die M47/M47A 1:16
Edith's Vision M51 0:45
Edith Falls M61 0:55
Edith's Death M65 0:37
Total Time: 10:38
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
+Contains "Goodnight, Sweetheart" by Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly and Ray Noble, published by Campbell, Connelly Inc. and EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. (ASCAP).
First Season Library Music
Music Composed by Joseph Mullendore
Impension* LM1 1:10
Lonely to Dramatic* LM3 1:27
Romantic Scene* LM6 0:46
Pensive Mood* 13LM2 2:09
Play-Off (with button)* 13LM5 0:15
Play-Off (with sustain)* 13LM5A 0:18
Music Composed by Wilbur Hatch
Love Scene* 13LHM3 1:29
Humoresque* 13LHM7 0:43
Humoresque (tag)* 13LHM7A 0:13
Total Time (10Ð18): 8:48
Tracks 10Ð12 and disc 4, track 18 recorded with "The Corbomite Maneuver," "Balance of Terror" and "What Are Little Girls Made Of "
Tracks 13Ð18 recorded with "The Consience of the King"
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
From "Charlie X":
That's a Girl M12X 0:42
Kirk's Command M13X 0:57
Charlie's Mystery M14X 0:45
Kirk Puzzled M34X 0:38