Sphere – 2 x CD Complete Score – Limited Edition – Elliot Goldenthal


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Elliot Goldenthal’s highly underrated score to the sci-fi movie from 1998, Sphere. Regarded as a mediocre film which had some interesting ideas, but the tedious pacing left it feeling very underwhelming.  However the score was once again composed by Elliot Goldenthal (Alien 3, Batman & Robin, Demotion Man), who really shone though here with a very stylish and classy score. Goldenthal is on the most part an excellent composer and orchestrates nearly perfectly with each score. This 2CD edition now comprises the entire score running over 114mins. Superb!
1. Main Titles / Helicopter to Ship / Ted Meets Barnes
2. Medical Interview
3. First look at Spaceship
4. Habitat Arrival
5. Dive Suits / Water Ballet / Visit to Wreckage
6. Door Opens
7. Cockpit Part 1
8. Cockpit Part 2 / Sphere Discovery
9. Harry’s Death Theory
10. Harry Into Sphere
11. Norman Retrieves Harry
12. Fletcher Starts Out / Jellyfish Attack / Ted Finds Harry Awake / Psychic Harry Sting
13. First Exchange/Jerry Speaks
14. Jerry Speaks Part 2
15. Edmunds Retrieval
16. Squid Attack
1. The Fire / Aftermath
2. Norman Resets Sub / Panic / Beth Goes for Food / Calling Dr. Halpern
3. Norman Studies Code
4. Norman and Beth Hunt Drugs
5. Snakes
6. The Lab
7. Beth’s Quiet Moment
8. Beth Loses Touch / Norman Explains
9. Run to Minisub / Lost in Spaceship / Minisub Escape
10. Explosion
11. Finale
12. Sphere – Suite

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