Spectre - Original Score - Thomas Newman

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For the 24th movie in the James Bond oeuvre, Spectre, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes has again enlisted 6-time Grammy winner Thomas Newman (Skyfall, American Beauty) to write a breathtaking original score. 
The soundtrack will have the added bonus of an instrumental version of the new Bond theme song, Writing s On the Wall. 
The movie signifies the return of the SPECTRE global crime syndicate, last seen in 1965 s Thunderball, and, the Spectre theme song will be sung by fellow multiple Grammy-winner Sam Smith, the first time a male has sung the theme song since Thunderball.

Track Listing

1 Los Muertos Vivos Estan (From "Spectre" Soundtrack) [feat. Tambuco]
2 Vauxhall Bridge (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
3 The Eternal City (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
4 Donna Lucia (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
5 A Place Without Mercy (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
6 Backfire (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
7 Crows Klinik (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
8 The Pale King (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
9 Madeleine (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
10 Kite In A Hurricane (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
11 Snow Plane (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
12 L' Americain (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
13 Secret Room (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
14 Hinx (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
15 Writing's On The Wall (Instrumental)
16 Silver Wraith (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
17 A Reunion (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
18 Day Of The Dead (From "Spectre" Soundtrack) [feat. Tambuco]
19 Tempus Fugit (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
20 Safe House (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
21 Blindfold (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
22 Careless (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
23 Detonation (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
24 Westminster Bridge (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
25 Out Of Bullets (From "Spectre" Soundtrack)
26 Spectre (End Title)